Happiness in a marriage sometimes depends not on whether you are good enough and how much you pay

Bring your sense of boundary

The reason for this high level of discussion,

Almost all women of this age group are in the show at some point,

I saw my own story and my own life.

Happiness in a marriage sometimes depends not on whether you are good enough and how much you pay

All-purpose wife Gu Jia, can help her husband to start a business, can take care of children and family.

After a decade of careful marriage, it fell apart when her husband had an affair.

And the reason for cheating, just in Gu Jia where no sense of achievement and value.

Happiness in a marriage sometimes depends not on whether you are good enough and how much you pay.

Perhaps more important than being the perfect wife is to know how to love yourself.

Another good girl Zhong Xiaoqin, and her husband Chen Yu, a cat, a fish, each other love polar opposite.

In this near cold marriage life, a couple became roommates, and eventually ended up in a sad situation.

Poor communication “high cold”, become the fatal injury in marriage.

And the wang Manni of true love bosom look forward to, be immersed in the sweet words in sea king Liang Zhengxian cannot extricate oneself.

Fortunately, she was able to stop her losses in time.On the contrary, zhao Jingyu, the real fiancee,

However, because of the material dependence and spiritual freedom, I can only continue to be bound in this relationship, and live in a mess and pain.

After all, the greatest asset in a marriage is the ability to leave someone at any time

We cannot grow old without growing old

“Marriage is a besieged city, where people outside want to get in and people inside want to get out.”

After entering this “fortress besieged”, how should we manage to obtain the happiness we want?

There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand hearts

Every small family has its own unique view of marriage

Some people regard humility as the only way, “the husband and wife can’t both be strong, that will often quarrel.My wife is fierce, so I let her have some.If you scold me just a little, A man can bend as well as rise.”

Others argue that couples need to grow at the same rate: “As we all grow, the demands on our partners will inevitably change, and if one partner stagnates in the process, the marriage will suffer.”

In a certain post-1995 value, marriage is not a necessity, but another form of love after a certain stage. “If marriage makes me happier, I will choose to get married. If not, I will not get married.”

In modern marriage, management, patience, commitment, communication and other keywords are indispensable.

And jin brand Tartary buckwheat wine, on the basis of the above further step forward, put forward the “and but different” new concept of marriage.

Have a consistent pace of life, but also to accept each other’s different interests

Maintain a similar outlook on life and values, as well as understanding different ideas on both sides.

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  1. Having the same pace of life and being able to accept each other’s different interests will make you two go the long way.Thanks for sharing the article, this article collection, very valuable.

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