That's how little is expected of a husband.

Expectations of a husband are so low

Apart from raising children and taking care of the family is more heavy responsibility, Bai Huiming also assumed a lot of work in yu Qian’s career, how to “look after the children at home” and passed?

Especially irritating, Ms. Bai said, is that After Mr. Yu started his career, he summed up all the fun he went out to play as’ doing business ‘and could run away without saying hello to his family.

That's how little is expected of a husband.

This is a bad hands-off model, in which married men leave all the heavy lifting in their lives — parenting, family, chores, etc. — to their wives, who they think are just “at home with the kids.”

Not only do they get married so that they can travel lighter and concentrate on their career (” no worries “), but they also have the time and energy to make their spare time lively. All the entertainment has nothing to do with their wife. Going out for fun is disguised as “business” and gradually they can’t even share happiness with their wife.

In the early years, the discourse power of those films, TV dramas and love songs about “extramarital love” was all in the hands of men. We all saw men complaining that their wives had become vulgar while taking care of the children at home and could not keep up with their own progress.But what caused it?If that woman isn’t married, she’s free and modern, isn’t she?

Any two ordinary friends, or family relatives, in the same room, have to look out for each other, to communicate with each other, this is not a matter of affection, it is a basic courtesy.

Xie Nan Xi Mengyao and Bai Huiming is just the first acquaintance, I know to care for her, give her ideas, Bai Huiming and female friends together can say, open your heart in talking.

Even Meng Hetang cameo, will be a strong to tell a joke to The White Huiming, she giggled.Feel with whom Huiming stay together, than with modest stay more happy.

And only the husband dare to so indifferent to his wife, justly thought that this is one of his own people, so do not bother to get along.The wife also has to get used to the pattern, disguising it as intimacy.

After “Happy Trio” aired, online headlines envied Bai as a “winner in life.”

“Life winner” in addition to bai Huiming’s husband Yu Qian rich, also include: other couples are the wife in urging her husband to do things, Yu Qian and Bai Huiming is a tacit understanding, Yu Qian tea, Bai Huiming to pack up without nagging and complaining.

But what bai Huiming cares about is not how much money how much industry, she said in the program with Yu Qian, want to go back to the past in the qi family huizi.At that time, their financial situation was not good, as long as she said she was hungry, Yu Qian would go to cook for her to eat, she can eat eggs in the quilt.

But perhaps in many people’s eyes, Bai Huiming is very worthy of envy, the reasons are as follows: Yu Qian can support the family, Yu Qian can not cheat, Yu Qian is with the brothers apprentice son to play together, also did not hear he with what woman play ah, do not take a wife to go out to play and what matter, the man always want to play.

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  1. The discourse power of love song is completely in the hands of the man. Housework is a lot of work for the woman, so we should understand each other.Thanks for sharing the article, this article collection, very valuable.

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