Happy trio, model couple, variety show

Plain days are long feelings

Amour is at the beginning, yu Qian also understands romantic emotional appeal.When the pursuit of Bai Huiming, he received the other side of the message, the meal is too late to eat quickly rushed to the past, and will bring two roses.

Happy trio, model couple, variety show

bai Huiming said, just together, Yu Qian is a thousand compliance, also know the pain, I heard that she can not stay up late to buy her tea to fill the spirit, afraid of her too strong tea, again and again mixed with water, adjusted to the appropriate for her to drink.So even though her family disagreed with her, she still married Him.Bai said the relationship changed when she was three months pregnant and stopped caring about herself when she became pregnant.

After Bai Huiming had a child, yu Qian and Guo Degang’s career just began to rise, Yu Qian began not to go home, often is to return home in the early morning, say hello, take a thing and go out again.

Bai Huiming C-section, Yu Qian did not have time to hurry to the hospital to accompany her birth.Guo degang said That Bai huiming was a good person and a patient performing artist, while Yu Xiangting couldn’t feel sorry for his family. The child was half a year old, and he hadn’t been at home for more than a month.

Why do you praise your wife for being patient?Isn’t there a vacancy for men?But in Guo’s eyes, tolerance is an excellent quality, better than those who fight for their husbands who don’t come home.Good women, you suffer for not being bad-tempered enough!

Yu qian’s absence in marriage is an old problem, which Bai has mentioned in previous interviews and cried aggrieved.

Very early Yu Qian said in the program introspection, not enough care for his wife, did not control himself, did not take his wife to play.After all these years, you still haven’t learned to hang out with her!!

Truth yu Qian is not do not understand, he had said to understand the concept of family thoroughly, to the man’s real responsibility to assume, but also with Hui Ming introspection, two people in the TV time some truth.But now he doesn’t seem to be improving.

The real change in this marriage is bai Huiming, from a young 19-year-old to a wife dedicated to her family and son, leaving Yu Qian “no worries at all.”

Now, I’m afraid that Hui Ming has been used to this kind of relationship, she will complain in a helpless way, Yu Qian, is “I am used to”.

Bai Huiming is not only about household chores, but also to help Yu Qian take care of things on the career, do his backing, from the “Happiness trio” in the shooting of their daily life can be seen, Bai Huiming to manage accounts, to give the staff meeting, is a very capable woman.

As a result, when guo degang was interviewed, he said that his sister-in-law was looking after the children at home, and that he and Yu Qian were “performing in all parts of the country”. It sounded as if they were working hard and Bai was relaxed.

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  1. Tolerance is a wonderful quality, two people’s marriage to the end is the result of both efforts.Thanks for sharing the article, this article collection, very valuable.

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