Happy trio, model couple, variety show

another is an old husband and wife

Then we began to talk about why not go to the white Huiming, Yu Qian’s explanation is actually, he called her, she said not to go, it is not that she felt the car trouble so did not go, it is really too will nonsense, clearly is your own son out with his wife left at home to work for you!

Happy trio, model couple, variety show

Xie Nan cross-examined, sister-in-law is not at home to see the pot.Hui Ming replied, I don’t look at the pot And I can’t put the mushroom on the bubble, that minute thing.This each sentence, all have a meaning, but she just can’t say a “Yu Qian go out to play not to take me”.

More talk more uncomfortable, Hui Ming by another thing of frozen meat questioned Yu Qian, and yu Qian’s answer is a gentle block, like nothing.

The whole table was aware of the subtlety of the situation, and Yu Qian was a little embarrassed.

But as soon as Yu touched Bai, she said, “It’s ok.”

In the evening or hui Ming proposed to take pictures of each other, this show of happiness to find an end to the program.Yu Qian you exactly have no point to express ah, the program also often give yu Qian arm, the husband and wife two people who look after silent years of quiet.

The problem is, only see Hui Ming need Yu Qian, want to interact with Yu Qian, do not see what Yu Qian care about his wife.

Bai Huiming envy others especially the couple are close to the heat to play an umbrella, “like we can’t”.(After saying this, the two of them went out to take an umbrella, but they went shopping together. Yu qian was only too happy.)

See Bai Huiming sigh umbrella problem, think of “just thirty” zhong Xiaoqin said, envy others home clothes are washed together.

What is called two people’s world, is to interact ah, emotion is flow, you say a sentence I after a sentence we both happy is an old husband and an old wife.

In the same season, Wu Jing and Xie Nan are very loving. Wu Jing holds Xie Nan’s hand when sleeping in the car.

Bai Huiming is how to hold yu Qian’s hand.

two parties, Huiming said no outsider in The State of Yu Qian no fun, also explained this as “who with their own baggage.

Wu Jing and Xie Nan said, usually they two like each other trick, do not know the White huiming listen to have very envy.

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  1. Two people come together because of love, two people’s marriage to the end is the result of the efforts of both sides.Thanks for sharing the article, this article collection, very valuable.

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