Happy trio, model couple, variety show

Their anniversary had never passed, and their marriage

With Yu Qian together, Hui Ming used to suppress their own ideas, a few wives together when she was more comfortable, said he was very small with Yu Qian together, the child was born before all right.Had the child yu Qian’s career to also rise, the life condition changed, Yu Qian goes out to even say hello not to play.

Their anniversary had never passed, and their marriage had never had a sense of ceremony.(If neither of them cares about anniversaries, of course it doesn’t matter, but it’s clear that Emily cares and Yu forgot.)

Happy trio, model couple, variety show

Therefore, Bai huiming on this reality show, is to have a two-person world, because has not quite remembered “what is two people live together”.

However, after three episodes, Bai Huiming did not live much of a two-person world.The first two periods are two people together have nothing to say, awkward and boring;The most irritating is the third period, Sun Yue and Meng Hetang visited, Sun Yue went to Xienan home, Wu Jing, Meng Hetang went to Yu Humbai Huiming home, after everyone said to go out to cut bamboo together.

Wu Jing Xie Nan is a husband and wife out with the guest sun Yue, and Yu Qian, unexpectedly asked bai Huiming, directly with the “son” Meng Hetang went out to play.

Hui Ming want to protest and embarrassed to open.

Yu Qian before leaving also called a “that”, the audience also thought that this is to think of his wife, the result is he asked Bai Huiming at home hair mushroom meat.

Others were cutting bamboo on the mountain, talking and laughing.It also appears that Bai Huiming is more lonely at home.

Bai huiming, only 41 years old, is often excluded from her husband’s life, as if advanced into old age.She was home alone, running around the house for hours, soaking the mushrooms and taking the meat out of the fridge to thaw.

that day, The White Huiming to Call Yu Qian couldn’t get through, finally someone else picked up the phone to transfer to Yu Qian.You can imagine what their normal life is like.

Bai Huiming is very unhappy, in the telephone tone is also wrong, but at the modest did not care.

Even good temper never asked Bai Huiming, after this day also no good complexion, Yu Qian play with you for a day, come back, perception to his wife’s cold, but still no response, the cook, cook, even ask “are you in a bad mood all can’t,” will not salty not light asked “asleep” “do”.

the entire three programs, the only small outbreak of Hui Ming is at the dinner table, Yu Qian directly in the face of Hui Ming, mentioned today to cut bamboo really fun.

Bai Huiming did not eliminate the grievances on the surge up, in the face of outsiders, the expression is wrong.

Xie Nan asked her, what did this afternoon, The White huiming a little angry said: “nothing did.”

Xie Nan immediately said, sister-in-law should go.”Without me,” says Bai.

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