Rich daughters? You are all wrong

Recently, Xiao S made a surprise appearance at an event, saying that she always opposes her daughter to buy luxury goods. 

Even when the girls were paid for the magazine, they were kept in the dark.

I can’t even die for my daughter to throw money at a designer bag.

Before, the most “rebellious” xu Laosan had stolen a value of 469 yuan of necklace, small S anger exploded, many times to punish her daughter to kneel ancestral tablets.

In fact, this is not the first time she has objected to her daughters’ use of luxuries.

Once, When Big S. wanted to give her child designer clothes, she protested, saying the child was too young to need such “expensive” things.

As a famous host, small S’s economic strength is obvious to all, should not be stingy.

Even so, she still opposes “rich support” daughter, insist on “poor support”, do not want their daughters to spend money.

At first glance, this is not necessary.Can be carefully tasted, just found the education wisdom of small S.

As a mother of three, she is as cautious as most wealthy parents are.

Living conditions are no longer bad, as long as the son is involved, nothing is difficult.

This thought “rich raise” son, can train a talented person.

Unexpectedly, my son became the most annoying character in the play: snobbish, selfish and disrespectful.

Knowing that my sister had found a boyfriend, I only thought about what expensive gifts the other side would send.

Asking her sister to pay for her own cram school, thinking that everything is natural, take for granted;

To the house of his to – be – brother-in-law, with no rules, no rules, no rules, no rules, no rules.

Exhausted all for the children, but raised a poor breath of the Wolf: while happily enjoy the material life provided by parents, while constantly put forward new requirements.

Educator Jean Jacques Rousseau said: Do you know what must be done to make your child an unhappy man?

To feed him without restraint is to destroy him!

He who desires too much cannot achieve too little.

A few years ago, a couple of sanitation workers in Guangzhou, earning 6,000 yuan a month, had to tighten their belts because their daughter said, “I want to study in Australia.”

Her daughter did not do well. She took the TOEFL for seven times and spent nearly 20,000 yuan before and after the test.

The sanitation worker and his wife do not see any problem, they think that their daughter “pay” is the top priority.As a result, the daughter enjoyed her parents’ money and lived a happy life.

Parents’ self-sacrifice, seemingly great, but also ridiculous.

On the surface, children’s education plated with gold, have a broader future, but also lost as children that compassionate parents of the conscience.

Giving your all for your child is not a problem!Can try their best to “rich” children, but not for the children a little Thanksgiving, the children raised “poor”, is the most parents can not bear to look at the life proposition.

With love to raise children, is the most “expensive” raise

Although she is very restrictive with her daughters when it comes to money, Little S is no less than any smart parent when it comes to expressing “love.”

Her daughters liked to dance, and she practiced with them. There was always a dancing atmosphere in the house.

Her daughter had to go to school at 4 am to prepare for a dance competition, so she got up early to take her daughter to school.

This kind of mother and daughter together time, countless.A busy working mother who does her best to be there for her children loves her more than any material thing.

Not everything, with material to pile up the child’s future, with the parents’ true love, casting the child’s happiness, is the most valuable “rich raise”.

Jennifer Gates is the eldest daughter of Bill Gates, the world’s richest man, but she’s not just any girl.

Material satisfaction seems to be lacking, but the emotional companionship of her parents is “luxurious”.

Every day before going to bed, no matter how busy my parents are, they will take turns to tell her a story.

My father was happy to pick me up and send me to school.

Smart and far-sighted parents are more willing to spend their time and energy with their children than to give their wealth to them. This is the best love and the most “expensive” investment.

In fact, more money less money, what to buy, in the eyes of children, far less important than their parents.

The more parents value their time with their children, the more they will give them security and love.

In their opinion, their life is worthy of their parents’ time and attention.

No matter how expensive the toys are, no matter how beautiful the clothes are, no matter how enjoyable the trip is, the children will never be able to fill their parents’ thirst for love.

The mind “rich raise”, raise independent and confident child

Education expert Professor Li Meijin once said: family rearing is not only material, but also spiritual.

More recently, “Actors in Place” has brought popularity to a “rich second generation”, Ma Boqian.

Grandpa Li Angge was the first generation volleyball coach in China, who taught Lang Ping.

Her mother Li Shouning is a top student of architecture department of Tsinghua University;

His father Ma Qingyun is even more outstanding. He is not only the top student in the department of Architecture of Tsinghua University, but also the first Chinese dean of the School of Architecture of The University of Southern California. He is known as “the most influential architectural designer in the 20th century”.

At the beginning, he came back to China with the dream of acting and even talked about buying the entertainment company he signed with.

As the second generation of rich, he did not choose to go his parents arranged for him to plan the road of life, but their own decision, into the show business.

On his way to pursue his dream, he went to Korea alone as an apprentice.Go back to China and play the game alone.Now, still do not forget to explore their own, explore their own more possibilities.

On the show, his confidence and modesty won him plaudits!

The acting was criticized bad, he cheerfully accepted, said he really need to learn more;

When he got into the acting group, he kept telling the seniors, “Hard work, I have a big problem.”

The confidence in my heart is not only based on the material support of my parents, but more importantly, the spiritual upbringing and spiritual education.

That is the so-called “giant’s shoulders”.

The wealth of parents can provide and create a comfortable and advantageous living environment for children, but it does not mean that children can be cultivated into complete personality, confident and independent plastic talents.

Only through spiritual enrichment can a child’s future be watered and grow into a leader not inferior to others.

Just like Wang Xinyi, a girl from Peking University who was recently searched for joining the army, she was born poor, but she was always grateful. She was enthusiastic about volunteering as a teacher and lived an optimistic and confident life.

Birth does not determine her future.

Become everyone call “other people’s child”, what she relies on is mother to her heart rich raise.

Since childhood, her mother respected her wishes, told her how important knowledge was, and never forced her to learn.

But it will lead her to develop an interest in learning, such as encouraging her to recite poems and learn knowledge.

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  1. To establish a correct view of money for children, do not let them spend too much, let them have their own understanding, do not have the heart of comparison.

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