Happy Trio

What a typical Chinese husband

“Happiness Trio” has always been famous for its “clear stream”. In the previous two seasons, I have been very interested in the group of old couples, with Jiang Qinqin, Chen Jianbin as complementary and Deng Jie and Zhang Guoli as the companion of young couples.

Happy Trio

This season, newly married group is Xi Mengyao He You Jun, middle-aged group is Wu Jing and Xie Nan, old husband and wife old wife bear is Yu Qian and wife Bai Huiming, say at the beginning “model love”.Yu Qian in other variety shows seems to love life, interesting speech, the pattern is quite big, then his husband and wife life together very fun, right?

I had always been a big fan of Yu Qian, but after watching “Happy Trio”, I have to say that as a husband, he was too absent and ignored his wife’s feelings.Yu Qian is really a typical Chinese husband who only cares about himself.

As soon as they both came on stage I sensed something was wrong.The couple arrived at the show’s “home,” bags of luggage, Bai huiming said to Yu Qian: “the task is still very heavy.”This was a hint that he was going to do it together, but Yu qian just sat down to change his shoes.

And Bai Huiming is really what requirements will not open his mouth to mention, a sigh on his carrying a large box in and out of work up.

Yu Qian loves to play, cook and enjoy life, but he just doesn’t see him “sharing” with his wife.

Two people go out to play together, is a person in front of Yu Qian walk, Bai Huiming trotted after.If she could not catch up with the rest, Yu Qian will not come back to find.

Bai Huiming if not to ask, Yu Qian was all the way to take the scenery, can not remember to take a picture of his wife.

The so-called “sharing” is not enough when you sit beside me and go out to buy a fishing rod to take you with you during tea time. We have to communicate and communicate.

And once yu Qian and Bai Huiming open 2 people get along mode, Yu Qian is immersed in his world, Bai Huiming is awkward and constraint, cannot talk with husband truly.

Yu Qian and Hui Ming went out to buy a fishing rod, he chatted with the salesclerk in full motion, Hui Ming and do not understand nor insert into the mouth, Yu Qian also does not give Hui Ming explanation, just sit by herself very bored.

When Yu Qian said he wanted to ask his friends to go fishing, Bai Huiming mumbled: “This is not two people’s life, there are always others in our life.”

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  1. This is not a life for two people. There will always be someone else in our lives.Thanks for sharing the article.

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