A good marriage is a combination of three values and habits

A good marriage is a combination of three values

In the Mood for Love, Wong Kar-wai says:

“I never thought that marriage was so complicated and that one person would do well, but two people together, doing well alone is not enough.”

A good marriage is a combination of three values and habits

Marriage is not to marry a person or marry a person so simple, not to take a marriage certificate can be everything.

Many times, couples in love will go their separate ways just because of a little detail.

Different habits, different personalities, both parties are unwilling to change, even if reluctantly together, even if they live together for ten or twenty years, eventually will take the step of separation.

To maintain a marriage, not only depends on the feelings, but also needs the integration of habits.

A good marriage is a combination of three values and habits.

Zandi Nelson once said this:

“The perfect mate is like walking into a house where you used to live. You know the furniture, the pictures on the walls, the books on the shelves, the things in the drawers.

If you were in the dark in this house, you would still be able to walk around with ease.”

Get along not tired, long can not be tired.Only by understanding each other can we fall in love with each other.

Two people together, there must be something to say, something to do, know each other’s personality and preferences, you can accept him all, he can accommodate you all.

In fact, sometimes marriage is like a medicine, with bad, can only hurt themselves again and again;

And with good, can let a person regain a new life, miss life.

In The big River, Song Yunhui, after his divorce from Cheng Kaiyan, finds the sunshine he has never seen in Liang Sichen, making the whole person come alive.

Liang Sichen is intelligent, beautiful and knowledgeable. They have the same interests, hobbies and habits. They can shorten the distance between them by means of language.

Moreover, Liang Sichen returned from overseas study and learned advanced thoughts, which provided great help for Song Yunhui’s reform work.

Two people appreciate each other and encourage each other.

Life, can talk about romance;In business, we can struggle together and help each other.

Song Yunhui in Liang Sishen body found never seen the sun, can originally because of the work and his wife alone on the road workaholic, and Liang Sishen together, the whole began to have fireworks.

Such a song Yunhui just like a real “person”, and Cheng Kaiyan is not the Song Yunhui together.

Marriage is to wait for the foot has been shaped, the heart is qualitative, looking for a pair of suitable shoes, shoes do not have to look tall, just need to go through the rain and mud, still do not take off the bottom will be good.

After half a life, in love fell, searching, finally found a suitable for their own, and can go down with their own people, is lucky, is also happy.

Someone said: “Marriage is not 1+1=2, but 0.5+0.5=1, that is, two people each cut off some personality and characteristics, and then together.

Since two people can go together because of the three views, can get married because of love, then can also get rid of those bad habits for the love, mutual understanding and tolerance.

The best thing about marriage is that my hobby has become your hobby and your habit has become my habit, walking hand in hand with each other.

May you find someone who loves you, who is in harmony with your three values and habits.

Then together to hold hands to the white head, to see the flowers bloom and fall, yunjuan Yunshu.

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  1. Get along not tired, long not tired.We can only love each other if we know each other.Marriage needs tolerance and understanding from both sides.Thanks for sharing the article, this article collection, very valuable.

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