Love, three views, marriage

Three different views of you really can’t get married

An Geling said, “Marriage is a strict discipline.”

Love, three views, marriage

Marriage is a very serious matter, into a marriage, two people in addition to love, but also to see whether suitable, whether the three concept match.

Three different views, you really can’t get married.

Habits differ, but not for long.

Writer Junichi Watanabe, who once gave a speech at Fudan University, told a story:

An editor in his 40s, after consulting him about publishing, shows no sign of going back.

Asked why, the editor said, “I had a quarrel with my wife when I left home this morning, and Now I don’t know how to get back.”

Why did you fight?

It turned out that a kind of toothpaste used by the Japanese at that time was a tube that would squeeze out the toothpaste if pressed by the hand.

The man was very careful and used the toothpaste sparingly, squeezing from the bottom forward a little at a time.

But his wife was not as economical as he was. She squeezed everywhere, so she left a lot of marks on the toothpaste tube, which annoyed him very much.

That morning he could not refrain from saying:

“Don’t squeeze the toothpaste so much that your fingerprints make me feel dirty.You should start at the back like I did.”

The man said the words he had endured for decades, and the woman thought he was making a fuss, so the two inevitably quarreled.

Squeezing toothpaste is only the fuse to quarrel, the real reason is that two people always can not accept each other’s habits.

Read this piece of news:

After decades of marriage, 63-year-old Mrs. Zhou asked for a divorce.

The reason for the divorce is simple.

Zhou says she likes to be clean, while her husband is very casual. There are always conflicts between the two sides.

Endured for decades, after the children have a family, or decided to put this “miserable” marriage to divorce.

After going through the divorce formalities, Zhou’s mother-in-law breathed a sigh of relief that she was “finally free”.

We often think that the defeat of feelings, should be cheating, change these big changes, but in fact, the main culprits to kill feelings, in fact, are those seemingly casual things in life.

The University of California, Berkeley, has looked at the reasons couples break up. The top three reasons are:

Not running out of toilet paper (45%)

Don’t wash dirty dishes and cups in the house (40%)

Don’t buy body Wash when you run out of shampoo (35%)

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  1. In addition to love, two people also need to see whether the three views are appropriate, whether the three views match, the same three views of the people will go farther.Thanks for sharing the article, this article collection, very valuable.

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