Love, three views, marriage

A good marriage, before marriage look at three,

Shakespeare said, “Hasty marriage seldom proves well.”

Many unhappy marriages are like a fortress besieged, trapped for a lifetime in which the chickens fight the geese.

Love, three views, marriage

Everyone hopes to find a satisfactory spouse, one hundred years of harmony, endless happiness.

How do you find such a person?

Remember one thing, look before you marry, look after habits after marriage.

Three different views, you really can’t get married.

Ayako, the heroine of Tokyo Girls, is a new girl in Tokyo when she meets a boyfriend who has a good appearance, personality and job. The two fall in love with a poor but rich material life.

Thought they would go on like this, but one day ayako woke up from a dream and decided to leave her boyfriend.

The reason for breaking up seems absurd but realistic. Ayako sees the fur balls on her underwear and thinks she can’t accept a low-life relationship.

Life should not be so plain, I am still so young, Tokyo has come, should pursue a more glamorous life.

Many said: “Ayako broke up with her boyfriend when he didn’t do anything wrong.”

But in the relationship, there is no one right or wrong, ayako broke up because they pursue different things and want different lives.

Even if they do not break up, believe that two people in the days to come, but also because of three points of view and separate.

Love each other, get along with each other.Five senses are easily reconciled, but three views are difficult to reconcile.

In The Great River, the main character Song Yunhui and his first wife Cheng Kaiyan divorced for three reasons.

Song Yunhui and Cheng Kaiyan, a snack from the suffering, a grown up in a honey pot, do not belong to the same world of them, there is no common topics and interests.

Song Yunhui was a hard-working man with great interest in learning, especially in English.

He is also very independent, has ideas, has been struggling for the cause and ideal.

And Cheng Kaiyan has no ambition, when Song Yunhui let her use spare time to learn foreign languages, to enrich their own efforts, she refused.

But after that, he was willing to put his energy into suspecting his husband’s affair and eating Liang Sichen’s dry vinegar.

Song Yunhui hoped that his wife could make progress together with him, understand him and give him spiritual comfort.

But Cheng Kaiyan can not do it, so Song Yunhui willing to risk being demoted, also want to divorce.

Yan Geling said, “Marriage is a strict discipline.”

Marriage is a very serious matter, into a marriage, two people in addition to love, but also to see whether suitable, whether the three concept match.

Three different views, you really can’t get married.

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