Only careful care and careful management, the relationship will be happy for a long time

Only careful management

Before meeting Zhu Shenghao, she did not want to marry early as a woman, bound by the family.

Only careful care and careful management, the relationship will be happy for a long time

Can be moved by Zhu Shenghao’s deep feeling, after marrying Zhu Shenghao, in order to support her husband’s translation work, Song Qingru took the initiative to shed the identity of a professional woman, run the family.

Although Zhu Shenghao was a master translator of Shakespeare’s plays at that time, he lowered his status in front of Song Qingru, often cozying up to his wife, and they always had endless topics to talk about.

In a relationship, both parties get along for a long time, and maybe they won’t be as sweet as when they are in love. It is normal to have some minor differences in thinking.

Good relationship is not two people never quarrel, but quarrel can shake hands and make up;

Is not two people without shortcomings, but mutual tolerance, each other humble.

Nonviolent Communication says:

“When an olive branch is offered, a person who responds positively opens a window of acceptance. A person who responds negatively builds a thick wall of isolation from others.”

Good intimate relationship, both sides will respond positively in the relationship, only more communication will promote understanding and deepen the relationship;

Only careful care and careful management, the relationship will be happy for a long time.

Cherish what you have, not meet

Dong Qing said.

“Everything in the world is encounter.

Cold to see the warm rain;

Winter met spring had years;

Heaven meets earth and there is eternity;

Man meets man and there is life.”

Life is a process of meeting and saying goodbye.

All encounters are meaningful, all the past is a preface, no matter how deep the edge is shallow, hit meet is fate.

When you have, not cold, not live up to, for you out of the heart out of the lungs of the people, will put you on the tip of the heart of the people.

When you miss, no regret, no regret, not all people will stop for you, love from love out of people……

The one who loves you will bring you happiness, while the one who doesn’t love you will teach you to grow up. Cherish what you have and let it go if you miss it.

Time is like a sieve, which always brings out the truth.

True love does not need to please, the truth does not need to please, love with vigour and vitality can be moved for a while, love can be together forever.

Two people in the relationship like sitting on a seesaw, as long as the ups and downs, maintain the balance of equal power, happiness can last.

Love, both happiness and test, do not love, but will be a lifelong regret.

While the feelings are still, while the years are not old, cherish have, not meet.

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  1. All encounters are meaningful, the past is the prelude to everything, no matter how shallow the edge, meet is fate.Thanks for sharing the article.

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