The love story between Zhu Shenghao and Song Qingruu in the Republic of China

The love story between Zhu Shenghao

The accused was an ordinary mother who ended her life by drowning her eight-month-old daughter in a bathtub full of hot water.

The love story between Zhu Shenghao and Song Qingruu in the Republic of China

The judges speculated that she might have acted out of vanity because her child was developing slowly.But in fact, she was just a lonely and helpless poor mother.

Her husband, tired of their noisy children, prefers to stay in a hotel rather than come home during the week, leaving Ando to care for the children around the clock.


Stingy own a trace of company, with indifference, perfunctory, blame to treat his wife.Over time, how can not leave people in a desperate situation.

After the birth of a child, many people will lament that “parenting” is more painful than “giving birth”.

Day and night reversed work and rest, a moment of crying children no leisure life, and a variety of career fear of being eliminated anxiety…

And worst of all, there was a husband who could only lie down when he came home from work:

They come and go as they please, turning a blind eye to their wife and children, reluctant to say a few words of kindness, and giving them little patient and gentle company. Instead, they are selfish and criticized.

Therefore, in the end of the story, a marriage without companionship and protection will only leave a exhausted wife and a cold home.

Between people, a lot of relationships become weak, is the beginning of the alienation of people.

And the disregard for company is often the culprit leading to the distance.

A good relationship should be managed carefully

Someone said: “Love to two people to manage and cherish, the heart has each other, every day is Valentine’s Day.”

Such is the love story between Zhu Shenghao and Song Qingsuch as the republic of China scholar and beauty.

Zhu Shenghao wrote to Song Qingru in the Partridge Heaven:

Do not need the ear temple constant si companion, a smile bow meaning has leaned.

Can see the feeling of two people is very tacit understanding.

They met at a poetry club, and they often exchanged poems and letters.

Song Qingsuch as is the talented girl at that time, family circumstances than Zhu Sheng Hao superior, it is the fashionable woman of that era.

Before meeting Zhu Shenghao, she did not want to marry early as a woman, bound by the family.

Can be moved by Zhu Shenghao’s deep feeling, after marrying Zhu Shenghao, in order to support her husband’s translation work, Song Qingru took the initiative to shed the identity of a professional woman, run the family.

Although Zhu Shenghao was a master translator of Shakespeare’s plays at that time, he lowered his status in front of Song Qingru, often cozying up to his wife, and they always had endless topics to talk about.

In a relationship, both parties get along for a long time, and maybe they won’t be as sweet as when they are in love. It is normal to have some minor differences in thinking.

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  1. In a relationship, two people spend a lot of time together, maybe they won’t be as sweet as they were in a relationship.It’s normal to have some subtle differences in thinking.Thanks for sharing the article.

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