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No matter husband and wife or lover

Between people, the best moment is the first meeting, there is a mystery between each other, there is a fatal attraction, but the feelings of this thing, no matter how much love at the beginning, if you want to be together for a long time, you must learn to manage.

Maintain two people for a long time together, only by love is not enough, life, time will constantly test the feelings between each other, a little not careful, it is easy to separate.

They say that no relationship disappears for no reason.

So, no matter husband and wife or lover, feelings, in fact, are so thin.

There is no such thing as “untired” love

Why most people in this world love, always love love light?

Maybe it’s because there’s never a perfect marriage, and there’s never a relationship that doesn’t get tired.

When we first got together, we all thought we would be the luckiest couple in the video. We could hold your hand and grow old together.

But the truth is, many people only do the first half of the sentence.

Clearly at the beginning is thick as fire love, in the end is how a little bit of light?

In fact, a fatal flaw in marriage is taking the other person’s efforts for granted.

When you first try to make even one dish, your partner will be delighted to praise you for your ingenuity.At the end of the day, even with a table full of food, the other person will not say another word.

“The preferred always have nothing to fear”, probably people are always like this, easy to get used to your pay and tolerance, but it is difficult to learn to understand and respect.

If you really love your partner, don’t take them for granted.

Love will not be defeated by the ordinary life, will only be broken heart completely give up.

What is marriage?

But life is difficult, so need a person together.

But you will not only fail to protect yourself from the wind and rain, but you will also bring the wind and rain for the rest of your life.

In the Japanese drama “Home on a Ramp,” the heroine is a juror trying a criminal case.

The accused was an ordinary mother who ended her life by drowning her eight-month-old daughter in a bathtub full of hot water.


The judges speculated that she might have acted out of vanity because her child was developing slowly.But in fact, she was just a lonely and helpless poor mother.

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  1. Not only will they protect themselves from the wind and rain, but they will bring it with them for the rest of their lives.Thanks for sharing the article.

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