what do people have to experience will grow up

Only by making peace with the pass

Fu GUI uprooted, the in the mind all the time miss their loved ones, but the days of the flames of war always see no hope, the battlefield every day there are dead and crying crying, it is the most frightening scene he saw in his life.

what do people have to experience will grow up

He thought he must also die in the wild mountains, the day no unique way, two years later, suffered all the hardships of the Fu GUI was released by the preferential policy of prisoners of war.

The survivor is always bittersweet, returned home mother has died, Fengxia also become dumb because of a high fever, but his wife does not leave, a pair of children accompanied around but make him very happy.

that night fu GUI sleepless, touch jiazhen for a while, touch Fengxia and you Qing for a while, looking at the silver moonlight sprinkled all over the house, the heart is full of never had a warm and practical.

Poor years, the life was difficult, but have a hope is a family, fu GUI had to choose a good family to send Fengxia, her daughter’s life can be better, have a celebration of the tuition fees also have to fall.

Fengxia can not leave their relatives, and ran back, a can not be separated.

Poor people’s children know how to make people feel distressed, youqing every day to mow twice, and then run more than ten miles to go to school, but this run ran out of the school sports championship, physical education teacher ready to cultivate Youqing as an athlete.

but the county magistrate lady difficult labor, you were called to the school when the blood transfusion overdraw the body and died, the news came, fu GUI want to kill the heart, love can not stand.

Time always soothes people’s hearts. As time goes by, you will be happy to have a son dead and a daughter. There is still hope in life.

But fate does not seem to pity him, Fengxia married a good man, but died in childbirth difficult, soon son-in-law also died in an accident at the construction site, leaving only grandchildren bitter roots.

Tragedy again and again, before Jane got rickets, a son and a daughter died one after another, she could not bear the blow also died.

The life of the blow let fu GUI grieve, can have grandchildren in, incense can continue, more gratify is bitter root only five years old has been a good helper.

However, the fate also did not let him go, the lack of material age, food has the life of the temptation, Bitter root seven years old to eat edamame to support the death.

A hope in the eyes dashed, a sustenance are no longer exist, life has too many haze, the fate of the shrouded layer upon layer of fog, people’s life will ultimately depend on their own.

Loved ones have died, fu GUI became a loner, but not so sad and lonely, he saw a lot of light, also from the heart relieved.

The writer Xi Murong once said:

“Setbacks will come and pass, tears will flow down and pack up. Nothing can discourage me, because I have a long life.”

Life is losing and growing at the same time.

Only through the grinding of hell, to honor or disgrace not surprised;

Only by making peace with the past can we live freely.

As the saying goes:

“The power of time is infinite. It can wipe away the marks of the past, heal the wounds, and make a new version of who we were.”

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