The most regretful thing in the world is not that you have never got it but that you do not cherish it

Lower the head to have the courage

The most regretful thing in the world is not that you have never got it, but that you did not cherish it. Sorrow and regret it, but it is too late.

All who could help him went away, leaving behind him a mother with bound feet and a young daughter. He had no one to rely on, but life went on.

The most regretful thing in the world is not that you have never got it but that you do not cherish it

Han Han once said: bow to have the courage, look up to have the confidence.

Fugui rented five mu of land from Longerand began to cultivate it.

When he was a child, he used to let the hired hand carry him to the private school and treat him as a horse. Now even the mother who bound her feet has to work in the fields, what right has he to cry hardship?

A good hand of life by him step by step to play bad, ability does not deserve to have, and arrogant and not know, everything will slowly lose.

Lose their

One writer said:

“No matter how good the fate is, it has to go through wind, rain and darkness;

No matter how bad your circumstances are, god will reserve a piece of sunshine for you. If you look for it carefully, you will not stand under the shadow forever.”

A home has been mutilated, torn apart, but there is still hope as long as there is life.

Jiazhen is a kind-hearted wife, she can not give up her husband and daughter, gave birth to a son half a year later came back, the home is finally complete, a noisy family, Fu GUI’s passion for life from the bottom of my heart.

Jia Zhen put on coarse cloth to work with her husband every day, Fu GUI knew how to love his woman, do a little farm work will let the daughter-in-law rest, Fengxia had a brother Bengtiduo happy, keep at home all day.

But this happy life did not last long, Fu GUI’s mother became ill, he went to the city to find a doctor, was arrested as a man.

This went and there was no news, Jiazhen asked around but got no result.

Fu GUI uprooted, the in the mind all the time miss their loved ones, but the days of the flames of war always see no hope, the battlefield every day there are dead and crying crying, it is the most frightening scene he saw in his life.

He thought he must also die in the wild mountains, the day no unique way, two years later, suffered all the hardships of the Fu GUI was released by the preferential policy of prisoners of war.

The survivor is always bittersweet, returned home mother has died, Fengxia also become dumb because of a high fever, but his wife does not leave, a pair of children accompanied around but make him very happy.

that night fu GUI sleepless, touch jiazhen for a while, touch Fengxia and you Qing for a while, looking at the silver moonlight sprinkled all over the house, the heart is full of never had a warm and practical.

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