The most regretful thing in the world is not that you have never got it but that you do not cherish it

The most regretful thing in the world

Getting addicted to gambling is like stepping into hell, where desire is above money and the abyss is not far away.

the last gambling, fu GUI encountered casino veteran Longer. that night fu GUI’s luck is particularly good, has won several games, he bet red eye, gambling interest is like a runaway horse out of control.

The most regretful thing in the world is not that you have never got it but that you do not cherish it

At that moment, Jiazhen came, dragging her seven or eight months ‘gestation, knelt on the ground and begged him to come home. Fugui was so angry that he beat her and kicked her, and then had her dragged out.

Jiazhen, with hair disheveled and tears streaming down her face, stood for a long time in front of her father’s rice train. Seeing that her father was busy, she walked ten miles home alone under the night.

That night fu GUI bet until dawn, lost completely, all the exits of life were cut off by him.

Money is always the source of security, even food and clothing is a problem, how to have dignity and confidence, no ability to resist the risks of life, the arrogance on the moment disappeared.

Lost on

Early in the morning, Fugui came out of the brothel like a chicken, bypassed the midian of his father-in-law, and went home trembling.

His father knew that he had lost all his property, and he was so angry that he lay in bed for three days, but the gambling debt owed would eventually be repaid, 100 mu of good farmland and a mansion only in exchange for three copper COINS, so that Fu GUI took more than ten miles of road to the city to pay his debts.

Fu GUI pick silk clothes are worn, shoulder flesh oozed blood dare not complain, he just pick a day tired is going to break up, grandparents earn those family property is not easy.

Only then did he understand his father’s desire for copper and silver.

the old house will never go back, the fugui family can only move to the hut to live, his father thought old can die in their own house, but never want to fall dead in the village on the dung tank.

family lost, father died, fu GUI thought this had reached the lowest ebb of life, as long as the days will get better after not gambling, but I do not know the beginning of bad luck.

A few days later, Jiazhen’s father was carrying the sedan chair, beating drums and gongs to welcome her back.

He shouted to Fugui: “You brute, why don’t you come out and greet me?I would have taken my daughter back the way you had married her!”

Fugui did not dare to say a word. His mother had been begging the in-laws to leave her, and the father shouted to her:

“His father was so angry with him that he dared to stay?We’re done!”

The sedan bearers carried away Jia Zhen, along the way gongs and drums hubbub, firecrackers resounded through the clouds, fu GUI’s heart like being hollowed out.

The most regretful thing in the world is not that you have never got it, but that you did not cherish it. Sorrow and regret it, but it is too late.

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  1. The most regrettable thing in the world is not that you never have it, but that you did not cherish it.Thanks for sharing the article.

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