The fairy heater can keep the room warm

Recently, it has been the middle of November, many areas gradually entered the winter.

In the past, in the winter, we often use air conditioners and heaters to keep warm, but more or less encountered some problems.

For example, use air conditioning heating, not only noise, electricity, poor heating effect, and the room is particularly dry, the child stayed for a long time, easy to get hot, dry skin;Use common heater again for example, because distance is close, can be local only warm warm, radiate effect is poor, cannot let whole room warm rise, still feel cold and cold;Even some machines open for a long time, but also easy to cause safety hazards.

Many parents ask if they have a proper heater.

We’ve been trying to find the right heaters for you for a long time.Finally, we have two heaters that are easy to use and safe to use.

The first model is a Swiss Coplax multi-purpose heater.

It has good heating effect, waterproof, anti-hot, the bathroom can also be used!In addition, small and easy to carry, no installation can be used directly, suitable for 10-15 square meters of small rooms.

The second model is the Corsi far infrared heater.

It USES far infrared heating technology, 2 seconds heating, can make the whole house warm!There will also be dustproof screen, so that the warm wind blowing out more clean!Suitable for use in rooms 10-25 SQM.

Now, let us take a look at these two heaters respectively, some of the characteristics.

The Winter in Europe is very cold. Most families use electric heating heaters to warm the whole room.It also doesn’t dry out the environment.

Recently, we found a 60-year-old Swiss Coplax multi-purpose heater that heats things up just as you turn them on!Can be silent operation, splash proof, dust proof, hot proof, the bathroom can also be used!In addition, small and easy to carry, no installation can be used directly, very suitable for small rooms of 10-15 square meters.

On and hot!Make the room of 15 square meters “warm as spring”!

There was an experiment done by the Brand Lab that in a room of the same size, compared to other heaters, it could only warm the area around it.Coplax can raise the temperature of the whole house uniformly!

According to the test data graph of Coplax Laboratory, let us have a more vivid understanding:

Information is provided by the brand

Multiple waterproof design, the bathroom can also be used safely!

The heater is designed to be waterproof to ipX2 to prevent splashing water and water vapour up to 15° from the top.

Accordingly, it also can use at ease in the bathroom!Parents no longer have to worry about their children getting cold when they are undressed

Small and easy to carry!Easy to use, safe!

This heater is small and doesn’t take up much space.

Also light and easy to carry, parents can change the location at any time.

It is also very convenient to use.Not only can direct contact screen direct operation;

Can also be remote control, do not have to bend to control;

At the same time, there are three levels of warm air optional, can meet different needs.

Don’t look at the small size of this heater, but it also USES multiple protections, including overheat protection, power outages, and a flame-retardant shell, to make it safer for children to use.

Silent and off screen!Do not affect the rest of the elderly, children!

It has the function of putting out the screen, no light to disturb at night;At a low level, the sound is only 35 decibels, almost less than the “buzz” of a refrigerator running.Even with the heater on, the old and the children can rest in peace.

In addition, this heater does not need special installation, can be used directly!

That’s because on the back of the heater, there’s a hook that doesn’t require a hole.

It can be directly hung on the towel rod, can also be hook type hanging, can also be fixed with screws.

Accordingly, it is small family model, want to have power outlet only, can follow one’s heart to hang, worry about occupy an area no longer problem!

The stand is placed vertically and can be used to dry towels.

Finally, the filter of the heater is easy to remove and wash, which is convenient for parents to clean regularly and ensure the warm air blowing out is clean and smooth.

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