what do people have to experience will grow up

A person’s real growth

People often ask: what do people have to experience, will grow up?

A high praise answer: lost.

In “To live”, Fugui is to wake up from grief, grow in loss, and finally live with grace and ease.

Lost wealth

what do people have to experience will grow up

Fu GUI was born in a master of the earth, people far and near called him master, his daughter-in-law Jia Zhen is the boss of rice line daughter, virtuous and beautiful, father-in-law is not only rich or the President of the Chamber of Commerce.

Fu GUI natural disposition is dissolute, all day long outside seek a flower to ask willow, the woman of ying Ying Yan Yan all income bag, daughter-in-law’s beauty cannot tie his heart, the prestige of father-in-law adult also failed to frighten his bravery.

More arrogant is to let the girl carrying him to his father-in-law in front of his parents, his father-in-law’s face was all he lost, angry teeth, see him hide.

When he was at home, she made him four different dishes of vegetables and buried a piece of meat of the same size under each dish

Fugui was not stupid. He knew that Jiazhen wanted to tell him that women looked different on the surface, but they were all the same inside. He paid no attention to them and still went to town.

Father scold him is evil son, do not work, but he contend in the heart: you are not also prodigal?Half of your ancestral fields have been demolished by you, leaving only more than 100 mu. Why should I glorify my ancestors?

Fu GUI’s daughter Fengxia was four years old and her daughter-in-law was pregnant with her second child. She was still stubborn and worried every morning. How should she spend the long day?

His material life was extremely extravagant, but his soul was empty and lonely. He began to frequent the casino, trying to earn back the land of more than 100 mu that his father had lost.

When his father knew that he was going to gamble, he was so angry that he took off his shoes and slapped him on the head. However, he was pushed into the corner with both hands.

His father’s shoes, his wife’s vegetables are not in control of his legs, his mother on weekdays to indulge him, he was more unscrupulous.

Simply ten days, half a month all don’t go home, eat, drink and gamble in brothel, body money lost, he went to steal the mother and wife’s jewelry, the daughter’s gold collar was also taken to pay off debts.

Getting addicted to gambling is like stepping into hell, where desire is above money and the abyss is not far away.

the last gambling, fu GUI encountered casino veteran Longer. that night fu GUI’s luck is particularly good, has won several games, he bet red eye, gambling interest is like a runaway horse out of control.

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  1. Fugui is about waking up from grief, growing through loss, and finally living with grace and ease.Thanks for sharing the article.

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