Trust, sincerity, communication, giving

Trust is the key to the heart, sincerity is the bridge to the heart

People to the middle age, the highest way of life, just a word – to!

Trust, sincerity, communication, giving

Once thought that life is a process of continuous acquisition, a person has the quantity of life is equal to the quality of life.


Later I gradually found that life is just an experience, we have, will return to zero.


It is better to give than to take.


As Ba Jin put it:

“The meaning of life is not to receive, not to strive for, but to give, to give.”


Giving face is breeding


We’re always surrounded by people like this:


They often rely on the personality of the straightforward excuse, wanton exposure of people’s scars, the other people’s unspeakable on the table, always make people embarrassed.


Habitual “which pot does not open to mention which pot”, let a person both embarrassed, and helpless.


They also like to throw cold water on people, to dampen their hopes or joys.


Thus, highlight their own “different” sense of nobility.


Little do they know that hurting face is equivalent to self-injury. Such a person will end up with a narrow circle and zero contacts due to his low EQ.


In this world, only those who have both IQ and EQ online can stand on the top of the interpersonal pyramid and achieve their whole life.


Someone says:

“People respect you not because you are good, but because you are good.”

I think so.


Respect for others, as well as respect for oneself, and giving face to others, is a necessary breeding for being born.

To understand, is transposition

Yoshiaki Tsutsumi, a leading Japanese entrepreneur, once told this story at a staff meeting:


When I was young, my grandfather opened a cake shop.


One day, a beggar came to the shop. He took the dirty money and asked to buy the smallest cake.


Grandpa enthusiastically handed him the cake from the cupboard and bowed to him as he welcomed him again.


When I saw this, I could not for the life of me understand why grandpa was so enthusiastic about a beggar.

Grandpa had this answer:

“He came to my store as my customer, begging for money is not easy, and he deserves the same kind of service as others.”

Then I asked, “Then why take money from him?”

Grandpa said:

He didn’t come to beg for a meal, and it would be an insult if he wasn’t paid.

Mr. Tsutsumi kept his grandfather’s words in mind and required employees to think like his grandfather, which led to the spectacular success of holiday hotels across Japan.


One of the most difficult things to do with others is to feel for others.

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