How is the primary school dawdle to achieve national unity

The children’s tricks caught the parents off guard

You run the risk of lighting a fire behind him, and he plods along like an abbot on a pilgrimage to the West.

When he finally begins to hold the pencil and stare at the book and the book, you think he is about to start, just a little happy, but he starts to tickle his eyes, nose, body, like a monkey began to scratch…

It was moving everywhere except in my head.

The whole body moves everywhere, is the homework does not move.

Finally, when he had “scratched the scenery” all over his body, thinking that he was finally going to “trickle down” with his homework, he turned to say:

Kids are sleepy in class, unable to take exams, and preoccupied with putting things off.

A mouthful of water in three minutes, a bubble of urine in five minutes, a rubber can play for dozens of minutes.

Here’s what I’ve discovered: kids love everything about the world except their homework.

How is the primary school dawdle to achieve national unity

You think your anger has finally enlightened him and is about to embark on the bright road of homework, but he turns his head and says solemnly, “Mom, When I hear you get angry, I don’t feel good about your homework…”

Get get get, give you the field give you freedom, see you still have what to dawdle of reason!

Listening to the inside for a long time there is no movement, My heart happy, quietly opened the door close to the past, think can see the pen in the exercise book to roam, but see him in the draft paper to draw a line draw a circle to draw xiang, and the homework just write two lines.

Finally, all the methods of education have been tested, but only one is the most effective:

When your child has finally begun to scribble on a piece of paper and you think you can have a relatively smooth night with him, he suddenly stands up and says, “I want to take a break. I’m tired.”

But it was ten o ‘clock by his watch, and he had an assignment and a composition to write.

You jump, he looks innocent!

You are so anxious to fire up the house, he has a face of dead pigs are not afraid of hot water.

I pressed him hard into the chair. “No rest!”

He began to wail about the fact that he wanted to defecate and couldn’t hold it any longer.

See, kids never get constipated as long as they have homework.

Finally, it was 11 o ‘clock. The old mother was so worried that she almost cried. However, her son began to cry first.

The hardest part of being a mom is not crying, but wanting to punch your kid in the face when he makes you laugh or cry.

Procrastination-not sleeping

One of the hardest skills to master as a mom is how to quickly tuck your child into bed.

Because the other core skill of the nation’s lazy kids is driving their parents crazy while they sleep.

Finishing the homework is late at night, the cat is sleepy, the dog is tired, but the child like with a charging board, still burning to heaven.

Lazy donkey grind excrement urine much, child go to bed so excrement urine much!

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