How is the primary school dawdle to achieve national unity

How does primary school dawdle achieve national unity

For those of you who have never had a baby, there is a genre that is now popular among human cubs.

That’s the famous dawdling party!

How is the primary school dawdle to achieve national unity

You see: Schoolchildren in school uniforms and backpacks on the road look ordinary, but 90% of them are the inheritors of dawdling’s exquisite skills.

Just one act of dawdling can cause a storm of blood at home.

The most severe is that no one taught the dawdle school, but the “dawdle work” perfectly achieved the national unity, undefeated!

Procrastination-do your homework

It is said that the rivers and lakes spread on the first “parent-child relationship” killer, non accompanied by reading and writing homework.

And the nation’s primary school students have fully mastered the “mad mother” this core technology.

Ever since my son went to primary school, I have found that:

Your child may be home from school, but his brain isn’t home yet.

I would pick it up at 4:30 every day and finish it half an hour before 11 PM. I would have to drive my mother crazy to do it.

Before the boxing champion comes on stage, the coach feeds water massage to shout “refueling ollie gives”;

Before the child writes the homework, the mother also wants to do the full set of comforts.

First of all, delicious, play with toys, watch cartoons, play mobile phone to serve enough, but also a variety of urging, encouragement, comfort, cajoling, promise, in order to let the child do not want to go to “lucky” his homework.

If the child is not comfortable, don’t let him sit at the desk.

After a while, I sat down at my desk and dawdled.

It took 100 years just to pull out the books and put them in order.

Then I opened the pencil box, sharpened the pencil, picked out the eraser and ruler, and used them for 100 years.

You run the risk of lighting a fire behind him, and he plods along like an abbot on a pilgrimage to the West.

When he finally begins to hold the pencil and stare at the book and the book, you think he is about to start, just a little happy, but he starts to tickle his eyes, nose, body, like a monkey began to scratch…

It was moving everywhere except in my head.

The whole body moves everywhere, is the homework does not move.

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  1. Parents should pay attention to children’s learning and growth, pay attention to primary learning.Thanks for sharing the article.

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