Parents are the best role models for their children

Education children can not be quick

If his father had respected his interests, perhaps Shen Wei’s life would have been a different path.

Parents are the best role models for their children

Parents give their children the opportunity to make their own choices and give them the opportunity to try their own interests. This will not only help them find their true love and stimulate their inner motivation, but also enable them to go all out to achieve a different version of themselves.

We always admire “other people’s children”, but seldom reflect on why we can’t be “other people’s parents”.

There is no shortcut or template for educating children, but the parents behind excellent children can always give us some inspiration.

Chen’s parents, both English teachers at Hangzhou Normal University, are trying to train their children to learn English. Instead of focusing on building up a large vocabulary by memorizing words, they focus on getting their children to read more books.

Start reading English picture books, read English books when you are older, and start reading The original Harry Potter books when you are in fifth grade.

Chen yixian said that reading English books is not to memorize the words utilitarian, but to see the content, even if the individual words do not know it does not matter, will not affect the reading of the whole article.And choose a book is not necessarily a masterpiece, it is best to start from the interest.

A good book is a good society that opens the door to a new world for children.A child who loves reading will be no worse off in the future.

Chen yixian’s mother often has English conversations with her children to improve their oral skills.

Parents improve their ability and make progress together with their children, so that children unconsciously feel the happiness brought by the efforts of the whole family.At the same time, he will not regard study as a burden.

I remembered a piece of news that my 42-year-old father and his 18-year-old daughter were admitted to Xi ‘an Institute of Translation and Interpreting and became freshmen together.

My father has been working in campus security since he left the army, but he has never given up studying.

My daughter said, “I hope we can monitor each other and make progress together.”

Earnest efforts of parents are the best example power for children.

When children see that their parents are constantly learning new knowledge and making continuous efforts to improve themselves, they will naturally reflect on themselves at any time and draw closer to their excellent parents.

Education is a marathon, it is never about parents’ material condition, but their soft power.

We need to be confident that the time and energy we put into our children will pay off.

Encourage all parents.

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  1. We need to be sure that the time and effort invested in our children will pay off.Thanks for sharing the article.

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