Parents are the best role models for their children

Good parents always have the same parenting

In education, parents must not spoil their children.If you lower your bottom line over and over again, rules will become meaningless.Parents’ love for their children is not without principle and bottom line, children must also be responsible for their own behavior.

Parents are the best role models for their children

Love and rules have always been unified, to be a principled parent, is the best love for children.


Respect your child’s ideas and support his or her interests


Chen yixian has always been happy in his studies because his parents follow his interests.


Since his childhood, Chen yixian has been enlightened by his family, showing him cartoons in Chinese and English.Finding that Chen yixian likes to watch and read again and again, his parents will cooperate with him, interact with him and dub the roles.


In the fifth grade, Chen Yixian went to Cambridge University with his mother as a visiting student, where he was exposed to a large amount of British children’s literature.”I want to translate it into Chinese and share it with my classmates back home,” he said to his mother.

It was because of her mother’s encouragement and support that Chen yixian started her own translation.Encounter new words, sometimes look up the dictionary, sometimes ask mother, often busy to 10 o ‘clock in the evening, also do not feel tired.


Chen yixian’s parents chose piano, astronomy and ancient Chinese extracurricular classes because their son liked them.

They said they were keeping their son from repeating lessons in order to give him more time to do what he liked.


When his parents discovered that Chen liked to write novels, they not only didn’t stop him, but also offered to post his novels chapter by chapter on the Internet.

Mother said, let the child do what he likes, his curiosity and learning enthusiasm will not die out.


Tolstoy also said that what is needed for successful teaching is not coercion, but the stimulation of students’ interests.

I deeply believe that interest can stimulate children’s curiosity and desire to explore, and the respect and support of parents will become the motivation for children to move forward.


Wandering master Shen Wei became an Internet media sensation last year, especially after he cut his long hair and put on clean clothes.


On the surface of his scenery infinite, in fact, his experience is a bit sad.

Shen Wei was a student who loved painting, but he was forced to stop by his father on the grounds of not doing a proper job. In addition, after shen Wei’s college entrance examination, his father forced him to apply for the university and major he didn’t like.


After graduating from college, he took a job in the National Audit Office under his father’s arrangement. Although he looked like an iron rice bowl to outsiders, he was not happy, so he rebelled and started picking up garbage.


At this time, his parents still did not feel his true feelings, but sent him to a mental hospital for forced treatment for three months.When he was discharged from hospital, his employer also fired him, and he continued to pick up garbage for 26 years after he was cornered.


If his father had respected his interests, perhaps Shen Wei’s life would have been a different path.

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