Parents are the best role models for their children

Parents must be the best role models for their children

How can children do that if their parents can’t stop themselves from wanting to play and play games and just keep asking them not to?

In order to spend more time with her children, Wu’s father doesn’t use his mobile phone after 4:30 p.m. every day.

Yang Chenyu, the top scorer in Guangxi’s college entrance examination last year, became the subject of heated discussion at the time with his 20-point score as a celestial being.”Parents should be disciplined and not leave their children to play with their mobile phones,” his mother said.

Great parents are always alike.

Parents are the best role models for their children

It’s not that we have to use the old person’s computer or turn it off after 4:30 in order to raise our children, but parents have to set an example. Only by practicing high self-discipline can our children become better by ossifying them.


Education is a silent process. Before you ask your child what he must be, you should first ask yourself if you can do it.


Teaching by word and deed is an invisible force that subtly drives a child to approach the appearance of his parents.


The good points of parents, children will imitate, the bad habits of parents, children will also absorb.


Be a principled parent and cultivate a sense of discipline in children


Chen’s parents pay special attention to cultivating their children’s “bottom line awareness”.

They make a pact with their children that if they finish their homework, they will be allowed to watch one hour of TV, but if they run out of time, they will be punished, for example, they will not be allowed to watch TV for a week.

If a child wants to buy something, he must use it.If you buy something to eat, you must finish it. If it is not delicious, you must finish it.


In the process, the child slowly learns to follow the rules and do what he or she likes.Accordingly, the child’s sense of responsibility and self-control will gradually strengthen.


Only when parents stick to their principles can children obey them.


My neighbor once joked to me that children are not easy to manage, not to listen to their words: “I have also set the rules, but the children is to rely on me can have what method?”

When the child wanted to watch cartoons, he told him that he had to memorize an ancient poem before he could watch it.

The child back an hour also did not have to carry smoothly, gradually impatient, crying to see, he then softened, think of the child is not easy, well, see.


When he asked the child to complete a set of papers to go out to play, the child piqued not to eat not to drink water, he had no way, again compromise.


In education, parents must not spoil their children.If you lower your bottom line over and over again, rules will become meaningless.Parents’ love for their children is not without principle and bottom line, children must also be responsible for their own behavior.


Love and rules have always been unified, to be a principled parent, is the best love for children.

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