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Why go to bed with the light off?

The ideological state of university students

Quiet campus


The other day, at 3am, I posted a circle of friends to celebrate the fact that I was alive once again to finish my last-minute ugc.

After catching up on a nap, my mom sent me a message from WeChat: how long has it been since you went to bed with the lights out?

In the past, the hair of this circle of friends, have deliberately screened the parents and elders.I didn’t expect to be seen this time, must be confused because of sleep.

I don’t know how to answer my mother’s question.

It seems that since the university, every homework week, exam week always have to work overtime to catch up.

Looking at his thick black circles, ferocious red eyes, and thinning hair in the mirror, He made up his mind: “Tomorrow night, you must go to bed before the lights go out.”


I do not know from when began, the network appeared such a group of young people – do not sleep in the middle of the night, self-proclaimed “xiuxian Dang”.

“I want to cultivate immortals, the power is boundless”, became a popular catchphrase in this group.

When the night comes, behind all the quiet hidden countless restlessness, put out the light but do not sleep, college students nowadays to stay up late self-ridicule: “stay up for a while, have been staying up for a straight.

After we turn off the lights, we are immersed in learning, or we can show our skills in various games, or we can listen to the song and turn on the mode of “Internet suppression”, or we can lie in bed and completely empty ourselves…

For one reason or another, we let ourselves stay up late, or even stay up late.

Every time I chatted with my high school classmates, we would talk about the changes of each other or ourselves in college. They had changed in one way or another.

But the only thing in common is that everyone is used to staying up late, both men and women.

Staying up late seems to have become an unconscious behavior and a habit among contemporary college students.


She has been together with her boyfriend for more than half a year. Every night after 10 o ‘clock, she tells her boyfriend that she is going to turn off the light and get ready for bed. After that, she watches TV dramas and binges on Weibo until 12 o ‘clock.

I ask her: “you every day so early say to turn off the light with the boyfriend, he know you didn’t sleep have been playing cell phone?”

The roommate say: “know, he also so.”

Seeing the confusion in my eyes, she explained, “It’s a pact between us to spend some time alone each day.”

After the roommate said that, I think carefully, think this kind of lovers get along with this way is also very good.

Nowadays, the development of information technology has made the intimate relationship between people even closer. Through the Internet, people can know each other’s plans and make each other seamless.

Even if two people are thousands of miles apart, each other also seems to always “accompany” each other’s life.

By virtue of the intimate relationship, it requires the other party to fulfill the obligation of accompanying each other all the time, which greatly reduces the time of being alone or even has no free time.

The lover becomes disembodied, no longer as two individuals, but more as a whole bound together.

“There is no such thing as an unknown chant when alone, as when in close company.”

I’ve always found this saying to be true. Time alone cannot be replaced by intimacy. People always need and enjoy their own time alone.

The roommate and her boyfriend spare the time after “turning off the lights” to be alone and do what they like, which can be regarded as a more rational mode of getting along.


“Turn off the light and get ready for bed” is what you say to others, not to yourself.

It seems to me that only after saying this sentence can I return to my own world. So many people go to bed late and stay up late, maybe just because they don’t want to waste their time alone and want to have one more second in this world.

After finishing the class, I went back to the dormitory, washed off the fatigue of the day, and lay on the soft bed. The extreme sense of relaxation made me feel a little dizzy.

I thought That I would have my own time to release as much as I could, but there would always be a “forced business” period to divide precious time. 

When preparing to bingju, the object is not timely care about the phone;

A sudden work discussion in the WeChat community while playing the game;

When you are ready to fall asleep, a friend suddenly confides in you.

There seems to be a “before I go to bed” mantra, so that my breaks are always being split up into “forced business” states.

“The light is off and I’m ready to go to bed”, which means that I am not convenient to work now. If there is something, please say it tomorrow, which has also become the conclusion of a conversation.

But after we finish, are we really asleep?

No, I haven’t read the microblog, I haven’t watched the TV series I should watch, I haven’t played the game I should play, and I have read half of the novels waiting for me.

The time in the daytime is for study and life, the time before midnight is for important people and things, and only the sleepless time after midnight is completely belongs to myself.

The real reason for staying up after the lights go out is that people need time alone.

After the lights go out alone, is not meaningless idle time, but the busy and complex life of the most gentle resistance.

Even if you’re always hovering between the pleasure of staying up late and the guilt of the day, you’re just enjoying a time that’s all about you.

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  1. Staying up late has become the norm in contemporary youth, reasonable sleep is necessary and sufficient rest is needed.Thanks for sharing.

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