Tencent uses popular products to spread Chinese culture

Whether Tencent can revitalize traditional culture or not

How will Tencent game IP interpret traditional culture?

Take the Canyon Open Day venue as an example.”Three points” is mainly about the history and culture of shu, wu, and the glory of the project team to experts, the traditional culture of the three into the fantasy world of king glory, every game elements with a deep understanding of The Three Kingdoms culture and imagination, even a figure in the corner of the decorative pattern, is take 2-3 weeks to textual research and design.

This makes the local customs, costumes and armor, architectural features are reflected in a highly concentrated way in a map.

In addition, during the interaction of fans at the venue, Li Bai’s Coser will interact with fans in the plot of traditional culture knowledge. After all, many heroes in “King of Glory” are inextricably linked with Chinese traditional culture.In addition to visiting the pavilion and interacting with Coser, fans can also observe the creation process of souvenirs.

Tencent uses popular products to spread Chinese culture

For another example, in order to create the dream version of King Canyon, “Canyon Open Day” integrates the concept and setting of “dream Building” at the top of the world view with unique ideas.Under the guidance of Kun, fans will enter into Zhuangzhou’s dream, and then linger in “Cloud Dream and Secret Land”, “Jixia College”, “Three Points of Cloud Travel”, “Prosperous Chang ‘an”, and review the traditional culture in the Gorge of Kings.

There is also the painting scene of Tianlong Mountain and River in Tianlong Babu, which shows the cultures and styles of different schools and corresponding regions. You can not only enjoy clay sculpture culture films, but also see shaolin modern dance performances.The “Lotus Tavern” of “New Swordsman in Love” focuses on the IP core, with the digital interactive experience of “brewing wine by story”, aiming to convey the elegant culture of southern Song Dynasty.

This circle of experience will find that the TGC Culture and Creative festival not only did a most complete Tencent game IP fair show, but also gave attention to the trend at the same time interesting.Its three-dimensional venue design, refined DEVELOPMENT of IP, and multi-type operation are all promoting players to quickly join in the “play”, which is far more effective and influential than all kinds of exhibitions.

In fact, not only the traditional culture, but also the tide culture, leisure culture and tea culture have been publicized and promoted in the whole activity.

As a matter of fact, since last year, the “Canyon Open Day” experience venues have been set up in Wanda Plaza in some provinces, either in combination with anniversary activities or game events. The purpose of the “Canyon Open Day” experience venues is for young people to learn about traditional cultural concepts in a fun way.

Tencent said to the tiger, is expected at the end of this year, the first esports, games IP theme rooms will be launched in Haikou, Beijing, Shanghai, Xi ‘an four cities, including “Dungeon and warrior”, “Joy fight landlord”, “Tianya Moon Knife”, “every day love eliminate”, “Qin Moon World” and other IP.It has to be said that Tencent is quite good at “the whole job”.

After Tencent Game Carnival turned into a cultural and creative festival featuring business, culture and young ecology, it not only strengthened the IP and resource links inward in TGC, but also greatly improved the perception of Tencent Culture and Creative among young people.Also outward bound to become a diversified urban cultural tourism offline landing grasp.

Take last year’s TGC Cultural and Creative Festival in Haikou as an example. Within six days, it attracted more than 100,000 person-times to participate in the festival and watched more than 30 million online live broadcast. It became the newly emerging “youth culture clocking point” in Hainan.Tencent wants more than that, of course.

Cultural and Creative festival and tourism linkage are just the shining surface of TGC, and there is a whole set of systems under the water surface, such as ticket selling, inspection, tour guide, cloud service, etc., which will eventually become the organism of a smart city.

At that time, whether or not Tencent can revitalize traditional culture, the Tencent universe will “rule” more young people anyway.

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