Tencent uses popular products to spread Chinese culture

Tencent uses popular products to spread Chinese

In form, in the past, most of the main stage of TGC was dominated by events. The highlight moment of the event was the few hours when the star team and the players played the game on the spot. In other time, the fans attending the event had little interest, and they would soon disperse.

This year, the TGC Tencent Digital Culture and Innovation Festival lasts for six days. Wanluyuan will have a different “theme night” performance every night, such as national wind night, e-sports night, King night and movie night. As a result, taxis waiting outside the park will queue up dozens of meters away every night.In addition, fans can move between the 13 game IP venues and redeem TGC featured gift packs by doing missions.

Tencent uses popular products to spread Chinese culture

Among the 13 venues, the one that shocked me the most was the “Museum of Tomorrow”, which integrated VR games, immersive scenes, 4D devices and other digital technology means to provide fans with a full three-dimensional interactive experience.

Especially in the demonstration of the Dome of Dunhuang in the “Museum of Tomorrow”, the immersive feeling of the scene is absolutely Max, which can kill any large 3D screen viewing experience in minutes and seconds.


In the follow-up interview, Huxun learned that the content of this theme exhibition has passed the official certification of Dunhuang Research Institute, and the in-depth participation of the most advanced technical departments of Tencent Group TGI and AI LAB in the digital presentation is to maximize the audience’s immersion in the digital phantom space, so as to deepen the understanding of traditional culture.

As early as 2019, the Interactive experience show “Dunhuang Mirror” launched by TGC Cultural and Creative Festival has already won the international VDA Award, which is regarded as the recognition and affirmation of the art world.

It has to be said that Tencent with the help of digital promotion of traditional culture means very clever, in the experience than a fleeting tour of the clock up more than a level.


There are two reasons. First, digitization has broken the restrictions of region and space, and the traditional culture can be strongly connected with young people after scenization.

Take Dunhuang culture as an example. In the past, people could only go to Gansu province to see dunhuang murals in person. Now, more three-dimensional murals can be seen through the curtain of dunhuang dome in Haikou “Museum of Tomorrow”.


Secondly, the young user base of Tencent platform is large enough to make it easier for young people to accept the promotion of traditional culture through digital means.Take TGC’s on-site “Exploration dunhuang • Story Hall” interaction as an example. Users can choose stories and characters in “Dunhuang Animation drama” for dubbing, and can also invite friends and relatives to play different roles.Even more, users can DIY “Dunhuang Silk scarves” on the digital screen and place an order with one click of the cloud, and every time a silk scarf is sold, the digital protection of Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes will receive public donations.

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