Traditional culture, Tencent, large IP

Tencent is serious about messing around with traditional culture

When Beijing welcomed its first snow of 2020 on November 21, a heat wave was still raging thousands of miles away in Haikou.

At the Tencent TGC Cultural and Creative Festival in Wanluyuan, Haikou, I had to experience a change of “wear cotton jacket in the morning and yarn in the afternoon”.Tencent students said that this is a “cultural heat wave”, I think the people all over the country to hide hainan winter is not very kind.

Traditional culture, Tencent, large IP

The venue layout of this year’s TGC Tencent Digital Culture and Innovation Festival is similar to strawberry music Festival. 13 game IP main venues have been set up scattered on the grass of Wanlvyuan. In front of each venue, there are several cosers interacting enthusiastically with fans, while fans queuing outside the venue are already like a long, winding line, very lively.


TGC Tencent Digital Culture Creation festival dates back to 2008 at the earliest.At that time, TGC was held in the form of “Tencent Game Carnival”. The mission of TGC was to build an offline communication platform for players, industry users and practitioners.

Ten years (2018) after Tencent put forward its “New Culture and innovation Strategy”, the game Carnival brand was upgraded to TGC Tencent Digital Culture and Innovation Festival, and it became a strategic project and platform of Tencent Group, with a brand new interpretation of its mission — transforming from an original Tencent Games Carnival into a Glowing Technology, energy, and Culture.


What is the difference between TGC Cultural And Creative Festival and “Game Carnival”?


Previous data from Tencent Research Institute showed that 70 percent of young people would learn about culture through 2-dimensional or anime.Therefore, after the game carnival is upgraded to TGC cultural and creative festival, the first thing Tencent will be the game IP and Chinese traditional culture in multi-dimensional binding value transmission.

In terms of expression, take King of Glory and Every Day Love Elimination as an example. The former is renamed as “Canyon Open Day”, while the latter is called “Elimination Cafe”. The whole activity no longer focuses on promoting specific games, but focuses on the concept and cultural connotation covered by game IP.


In form, in the past, most of the main stage of TGC was dominated by events. The highlight moment of the event was the few hours when the star team and the players played the game on the spot. In other time, the fans attending the event had little interest, and they would soon disperse.

This year, the TGC Tencent Digital Culture and Innovation Festival lasts for six days. Wanluyuan will have a different “theme night” performance every night, such as national wind night, e-sports night, King night and movie night. As a result, taxis waiting outside the park will queue up dozens of meters away every night.In addition, fans can move between the 13 game IP venues and redeem TGC featured gift packs by doing missions.

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  1. Tencent Industries takes traditional culture seriously and takes spreading traditional culture as its own duty.Thanks for sharing the article.

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