Parents' attitude towards money affects their children's whole life

A rich family does not necessarily raise a grateful person

His father said on the show:

“Everyone gives in to her, including her brother.Don’t let her. She really hits you. You know how headstrong she is.”

This kind of coddling, tolerating and responding will only give her the illusion that the world should revolve around her, and will naturally produce a self-centered, selfish and spoiled child who lacks empathy.

Parents' attitude towards money affects their children's whole life

Rich raising may not raise a grateful child. One day, when the parents’ ability fails to satisfy the child’s desire, the child may even complain and retaliate against the parents.


The “Matricide case of Wang Jiajing”, which shocked the world, is a typical case of the children forming the “white eyed Wolf”.


Wang spends 200, 300, 000 yuan a year studying in Japan for five years. He spends more than 1.5 million yuan studying abroad, all of which is supported by his mother’s income of 7,000 yuan a month.

On April 1, 2011, he stabbed his mother nine times in the airport because he couldn’t get money from her.


Wang mother in order to borrow money, but finally in exchange for his son’s 9 knife stabbed.


The money education that pays blindly so, can let a child become utilitarian cold-blooded only, obtain ceaselessly to parents, turn a blind eye to the hardship of parents.


The real rich and raise, is not simple material satisfaction, but lies in the material and spiritual pay equal attention, not only to let the children have seen the world, but also to let the children understand that their parents’ money, also hard-won.


It is better to cultivate than to nourish poverty and wealth


They say boys need to be poor and girls need to be rich, but the truth is often:


Poor maintenance operation is not appropriate, the child inferiority complex, narrow pattern;Rich to control the degree of bad, children pampered comparison, selfish.


Real money education is not about simply giving children enough money or parents controlling money strictly themselves.

Whether poor or rich, it is better to cultivate children’s correct understanding of money.

So how can we cultivate children’s correct view of money?You can refer to the following Suggestions:


  1. Tell your child where money comes from, and be honest about your child’s needs


Let the children know that money is the parents earned, can let the children learn to cherish and Thanksgiving.

And for the children’s requirements, if the parents are not capable, they will be honest with the children, let the children understand that it is not that they do not deserve, but need to become better.


  1. Teach your children that it is proud to do something for their family


If only in front of the child stress of life, will let the child heart panic.

In addition to letting the child learn to be grateful, but also to let the child understand, although the work is very hard, but for the family to pay is a proud and proud thing.


  1. Tell your child that it is human nature to love money, but take it from youdao


Material things are the foundation of life, and it is human nature to pursue a better material life.

But the important thing is, the gentleman loves money, must take the youdao.

  1. Set an example and spend wisely


Parents are the best teachers for their children and should set an example of rational consumption.

Let the children participate in the family consumption, make a reasonable consumption plan together with the children, guide the children to learn to save to get things they can’t afford for the time being.


  1. Let children get what they want through “labor”


Give your child extra “rewards” for doing simple chores.

But also be careful not to let the child “no money, no work” idea, study, do homework, these should be done by themselves, can not be exchanged for money.


  1. Teach your children that money isn’t everything


While helping children form a correct view of money, parents should also make them understand that money is just an equivalent exchange and that one’s life cannot be controlled by money.

The musician Beethoven said:

“Only by passing on virtue and good deeds to your children, instead of leaving wealth, can they be happy.”

Rich can not be arrogant, poor can not be humble, people’s happiness is not measured by money.


Only through careful education can children truly understand that they can enjoy a lot of happiness even if they are not rich.

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  1. While helping children to see money in perspective, parents should also let them know that money is just an exchange of equals.Thank you for sharing this article.

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