Parents' attitude towards money affects their children's whole life

The influence of parents on their children’s money outlook


The cash in his villa was piled high with refrigerators and beds.

Parents' attitude towards money affects their children's whole life

But the strange thing is that he is still living in a humble house with a luxury villa, having embezzled more than 200 million yuan.

Eating noodles, wearing cheap clothes, riding an electric car travel, every month to send the old man 300 yuan living expenses, even dropped on the table he will eat rice, life is more frugal than others.


When the money was seized, he said:

‘I didn’t spend a cent!We are all farmers from generation to generation. We are afraid of poverty!”

Because he was “afraid of poverty” since childhood, so he grew up to pursue money as the ultimate goal, and even not hesitate to do illegal things.

He made a bed of money and lay there, watching a room full of bills, so that he could sleep soundly.


The root cause of what he did is that he did not receive good education and guidance from his parents in his childhood. The lack of materials from childhood made him feel insecure all his life.


The writer Liu Yong once said:

“I want my son to visit his girlfriend one day, not only to eat a whole lobster and let her know he’s seen it.

And when a faucet leaks at her house, she can immediately pick up a spanner to fix it, letting her know she is not spoiled but is responsible.”

Parents hope to use poverty to raise their children, to teach children that it is not easy to make money, not to be greedy for pleasure, to have responsibility;

But poor may not be able to raise a hard-working boy, and may even limit the child’s vision and pattern.


As the old saying goes, “If you eat bitter, eat bitter.”


To be a strong person in life, it is necessary to endure hardship.

Even if the family is poor, but also have the right guidance, guide children to set aspirations, open pattern, not just struggle for money.


After all, one is poor for a while, one is poor for a lifetime.


Children who are too rich are selfish and spoiled


There is a girl in the show Metamorphosis that is very impressive.


A 16-year-old girl, living the life of a giant baby.Her mother helped her dress and put on socks. Her aunt cut her toenails. Her aunt held a bowl and fed her.


I also spend a lot of money in my spare time, forty to fifty thousand yuan a month.In order to get her hair done, she asked her uncle to drive her to Dalian, 300 kilometers away, where she spent tens of thousands of yuan on modeling.


The most amazing thing is that she sold the mobile phone case for 20 yuan and felt a sense of accomplishment.


When the show interviewed her mother, she said:

“I think a girl just wants to be rich. In this way, money can’t tempt her to go astray when she is outside.”

What is the girl who has been enriched for the sake of “not going astray”?


During the show she got into a fight with her younger brother and slapped him in the face.

Mother took her brother away, so she called her father to tell him:

First he bragged that he had beaten his brother and his mother, then he instructed his father to stop buying toys for his younger brother, acting like the oldest of the family.


His father said on the show:

“Everyone gives in to her, including her brother.Don’t let her. She really hits you. You know how headstrong she is.”

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  1. Children who are too rich tend to be selfish and have a correct view of money.Thank you for sharing this article.

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