What did you do before graduate school?

Recently, various colleges and universities have announced the list of exemption from the class of 2021

Many postgraduate recommendation er “come ashore easily” in the struggle for admission.

A lot of students envy

However, the postgraduate recommendation behind the unlimited scenery

Is it really a life won all the way?

The first




Senior A is the “man of the moment” of the college. She has never failed in all her club work and is among the best in her academic performance. She also won many awards such as Internet + and national English competition for college students.

Recently, she posted a screenshot in Qzone, happy to say that she has been recommended to the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences zhibo, and chose his favorite material science and engineering major.

From the bright spirit of the debate competition to the graceful posture of the artistic performance, from the vigorous skill of the fitness festival to the seriousness of the student congress…It can be called a collection of school activities of all sizes.

Seeing all these dazzling activities, everyone thinks that she is a “geek” who flies between various activities and doesn’t pay much attention to her study.As for senior A’s recommendation to the Chinese academy of sciences, everyone agrees that it is her innate talent that makes her “lucky”.

But who knows, behind the postgraduate program, there are countless hard sweat and tears: I study in the library until midnight every day, and I don’t forget to memorize a few words after organizing activities. I have seen the campus at three in the morning, and heard the bell at six…The success of the postgraduate recommendation ER is not a blessing.

The first



My roommate, Xiao B, is an excellent student with no problems.On the first day of school, when everyone was still excited to get rid of their parents’ “control” and full of fun plans for her four years of college, she had already made it clear that she wanted to study hard for postgraduate recommendation.

When she was chatting about which boy was the most handsome in the next class after the lights were off, she was silently practicing Her English listening with headphones on.When everyone was busy with shopping around after the exam, she picked up the textbooks of the next semester and walked into the library…

Four years of unremitting efforts, rain or shine, to create this now everyone will attract a praise of the excellent student Small B, at this time for her, recommended postgraduate places have been in the bag.

When talking about what supports her “incraving” day after day and her focus on study, Xiao B said with a faint smile that she chose to take the postgraduate entrance examination not only as a recognition of herself, but also as a child from an ordinary worker’s family, she deeply understands what postgraduate admission means:

Time cost savings, higher platform, better opportunity, maybe even the only opportunity to help you break out of the native class…

The opportunity that recommend research is hard-won, must keep excellent ability to grasp tightly at all times.

The first



“Successful flowers are only admired for their present beauty.At the beginning, its bud was soaked with the tears of struggle and sprinkled with the blood of sacrifice.”Looking back on his postgraduate recommendation, senior C has some “lingering fear” when he thinks about it.

As one of the students eager for further study in the vast sea of people, senior C also studied hard day and night for postgraduate recommendation.

“My academic performance in my freshman and sophomore years was not satisfactory. As a result, when everyone started to prepare for postgraduate admission, I was in a panic. During that time, I was in a daze in class every day, so I lost a lot of weight.”

Fortunately, he received encouragement and guidance from his teachers and parents: “I decided at that time not to be alone in my grief over what had happened. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I would work harder and learn more.”

Finally, senior C struggled for nearly a year.Successfully promoted my GPA to the top 10 of my major, and recommended my graduate school.

I will go my way, though it be far away.The road to the postgraduate entrance examination is difficult and difficult. Senior C proves with practical actions that the “good luck” of postgraduate entrance examination belongs to those who struggle and are willing to do so.

The road to the Postgraduate program has never been a smooth road. Only after experiencing the wind, sun, lightning and frost, can I step on the sweat and tears of the past and walk towards the moving prospect that I have been looking forward to for a long time.

Extraordinary self-discipline, clear and firm goals, unremitting persistence, redoubled efforts…In fact, the process of research recommendation is a process of adhering to the original intention and making continuous efforts for it.

When you have gone through countless late nights of hard thinking in libraries, when you have missed the meal in the canteen because you have been buried in hard reading, when you have lost your hoarse voice and lost all your hair for memorizing words, please do not lose your heart, let alone retreat, the countless sleepless nights will eventually become a dawn shining on every postgraduate recommendation!

When you step by step step by step through the road of postgraduate recommendation, at the end of the road, is your dream vague but very long for the future.

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  1. The graduate student life prospect is also very confused, the graduation pressure increases year by year, everyone faces many difficulties, everyone should keep refueling.

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