What did you put in your Double 11 shopping cart?

There is always something in the shopping cart. The purpose of its existence is not the material satisfaction of receiving the goods after purchase, but that it is there while I silently watch it.

What will you put in your Singles Day shopping cart this year?


Thanks for another one coming, my shopping cart is filled with my love for him

Double eleven is a shopping spree for many people.

At this time of year, my shopping cart is full.The shopping cart displayed “oversized dresses” and “slim-fitting coats” as well as cosmetics at huge discounts.

This year, I came out of the singles pool.On the day of the pre-sale order, I found myself buying less cosmetics, men’s facial cleanser, men’s socks and other items more.At that time, I found that there was another person in my life.

We can’t predict the future. That’s the beauty of growing up.Just like I thought we would only stock up on daily necessities every Year on Singles’ Day, we are free to construct our own life structure based on this blank space.Thank my boyfriend for coming into my life and filling in those pale gaps in my life.


Save a little more. I have my shopping cart full of my accomplishments.

“Attention, all girls!”Xiao Nan never wears earphones when she is watching a live broadcast.According to her, such a cheap thing should be Shared with the sisters.She used to wonder why a shopping anchor, like the last century, could be so popular with so many girls.But from the beginning of watching the live broadcast, it was out of control.

Xiao Nan has her own notebook with a list of things she must buy and discounts on Nov 11. She used to worry about the wrong discounts, but now she worries about the lipstick that just went on sale.

She’s happy all day with a one-second increase in the speed at which she orders, but sometimes frets that she can’t get a full discount.Every year on Singles’ Day, Xiaonan always orders to accompany runners, but this year after a year of “combat training”, Xiaonan thinks, “only unexpected, no less than”.

This year’s shopping cart was filled with items she had long calculated as “full and discounted.”Perhaps in the small nan’s shopping cart, put is actually her choice, these enter the “final” goods, is her most satisfied with the outcome after thousands of sails read.

When you choose something in your life, you will inevitably lose something. No matter how perfect it is, it is impossible to achieve perfection.

On our way of growth, we make countless choices. The one that makes me satisfied is my will and also a kind of pleasant waiting.


Learning is the main business, and my shopping cart is loaded with my dreams

“What else can I buy?Last year I wanted to buy some new clothes for the holiday.This year’s shopping cart is stocked with carbon pens and scratch paper, as well as the latest finishing papers.I bought myself a cost-effective vest. It’s too cold to endorse in the corridor.”Xiao Ren smiled sadly.She’s my senior. She’s on good terms with me.Any senior can be said to be a “small shopping talent”, almost every few days will send me bargaining links, never with me.

This year, the school has not seen any small senior link.“The future is more important than that money.Shopping online is a way for me to relieve pressure. The money I earn from my part-time job is enough to satisfy my shopping desire.Wear your favorite clothes to study every day, look at yourself in the mirror, the day of confidence is back.Undergraduate course did not read oneself ideal major, take an exam this year I must succeed disembark, realize oneself goal.The shopping cart is my material trunk this time.”

Those who take the postgraduate entrance exam on Nov 11 May not have too much time to go on a shopping spree and enjoy more shopping discounts, but they all work hard silently for their goals and make a lot of money and succeed in landing next year.

Every year, the ranks of the postgraduate entrance examinees grow larger and larger. Everyone in the ranks seems to live in his own world, watching the fireworks in the night sky and walking his own way.

Growth is an endless ladder.Need to climb step by step, one’s deceased father grind is the turning point of stair junction.When the curtain falls, looking back to come, are from the previous memories of the other time, turned his head, speechless continue to climb.

Every year’s Singles’ Day is a kind of carnival, which is not only the material satisfaction, but also a year’s reward for myself.Thank yourself for a year of change, thank yourself for a year of growth.

The stuff in your shopping cart, which you may never buy, is more realistic than your dreams.They are like a mirror, reflecting their own desires. They are also the direction that drives us after running about and struggling, so that we can get out of our comfort zone, grow in the sun, and continue to struggle in a down-to-earth way after frustrations and confusion.

Shopping cart, carrying not only daily necessities, but also for the dream of a better life.It’s those things we really expect that make us better.

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  1. When you choose something in life, you inevitably lose something.No matter how perfect, it is impossible to achieve perfection.

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