What circumstances do you delete

How low has the world become tolerant of “small sorrows”?

When you write a sad post late at night, you’re sure to receive a comment like this:

“You again network suppress cloud?”

At this point, would you delete the action?


Xiao Wang is a girl with delicate mind and rich emotions, so she often suffers more than others.Especially late at night, when she recalls all the past, she can’t help feeling depressed. Or even just seeing a word of empathy on social media platform can always arouse her full of emotions.

“Be not, you everyday so network suppress cloud of, also too melodramatic.”

When she showed her sadness in the motion again, she was expected to receive such comments, which were half mocking and half puzzled, so she silently deleted her motion.But in her mind she was puzzled:“Is it not allowed to express one’s emotions?”


Xiao wang knew that although no one said her Internet was cloudy, she would still delete her melodramatic news on the next day, but it was not because she felt “melodramatic”, but because she felt sad and sad to stay on the night before, and the next day would still be a sunny and positive new day.

However, it is such a short emotional catharsis, still to be called “too melodramatic bar.”

When more and more people feel that the emotion of “sadness” is too shy to see others, who should you tell your pain to, where should you vent your emotion?

In fact, sad, sad, pain is the same as the most instinctive human emotions, it and joy, happiness as sincere.We can accept their own sunshine, but also learn to accept their own sad sad, only in this way is not worth a complete person.


Back to the original question: “do you delete melodramatic late at night?Yes, but it’s not necessary.

The sad news you write in the middle of the night is not actually “melodramatic”, but your most sincere feelings.After leaving the busyness and exhaustion of the day, a person can come and go to enjoy the communication with himself and face the most real emotions after getting rid of the complex social relations.

What’s so good about “melodramatic”?

Everyone has the right to express emotions, which can be joy or sadness.

Therefore, you can not empathize with the sadness of others, but please do not judge others’ sadness, after all, emotion is the most precious thing as a complete person, it is the most intuitive expression that you really live in the world.


I will laugh, I will cry, I will be happy, I will be sad, because I am really alive, because I am seriously feeling.

Even though there was a late night sadness in my feed, it didn’t prevent me from sharing a photo of milk tea the next day with the caption, “Milk tea is so delicious, life is so good”;Although I will be full of restlessness because of the busy study and life, complaining about the world, it does not prevent me from stealing the idle half of life feel the world is really worth it;Although I often have tears in my eyes, it does not prevent me from smiling seriously.

After all, my happiness is real and my sadness is also real.

My emotions are a part of me. I face them and respect them.


Read here you, whether will think of those who have been deleted by their “melodramatic” dynamic, and whether will think of those once in the night to make you cry in the past, or, whether will think of the heart once in the strong beat, mood in the random upwelling of their own?

The so-called youth, only sincere er.

May you always have warm and sincere emotions, whether joy or sorrow.

May you return half of your life with your heart in your heart.

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  1. Cannot sympathize with other people’s sadness, after all the emotion is a complete person the most precious thing, is you really live in the world the most intuitive expression.

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