Parents' attitude towards money affects their children's whole life

The influence of parents’ attitude towards money on children

Educator Angela Merkel:

“Money education is a required course in life and the focus of children’s education, just as money is the focus of a family.”

In family education, money education is a problem that will run through a child’s whole life.Big to pursue ambition, small to life habits, have a far-reaching impact.

Parents are the first to directly influence their children’s outlook on money.

Parents' attitude towards money affects their children's whole life

But in Chinese families, money education is as scarce as death education.Many parents may not be aware of this.

They either think “poor boys, rich girls” or they don’t even mention money to their children.


In fact, the real money education, is to teach us how to correctly obtain and how to treat what we have.


Extremely poor children, inferiority complex


Zhihu has a question, “What kind of experience is it for a boy to be raised poor?” one netizen said with great emotion:

“When I was a child, I was poor and had steamed buns for dinner while others had braised pork in brown sauce.It doesn’t affect my happiness.

When I grow up and meet a girl who I like but whose condition is too much better than mine, I feel inferior from my heart.”

Many parents came from poverty when they were young, so they believe that the lack of material can teach their children to endure hardship and know how to struggle, but they ignore the poverty can also bring their children low self-esteem and cowardice.


Poverty is only a temporary, inferiority and cowardice will accompany the child’s life.


In the NAME of the People, Zhao Dehan used his power to embezzle more than 200 million yuan.

The cash in his villa was piled high with refrigerators and beds.


But the strange thing is that he is still living in a humble house with a luxury villa, having embezzled more than 200 million yuan.

Eating noodles, wearing cheap clothes, riding an electric car travel, every month to send the old man 300 yuan living expenses, even dropped on the table he will eat rice, life is more frugal than others.


When the money was seized, he said:

‘I didn’t spend a cent!We are all farmers from generation to generation. We are afraid of poverty!”

Because he was “afraid of poverty” since childhood, so he grew up to pursue money as the ultimate goal, and even not hesitate to do illegal things.

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  1. Real money education is about teaching us how to get it right and how to treat what we have.Thank you for sharing this article.

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