The legendary life of the daughter of gambling king

Love and hate, gain and loss, at this moment finally

Spanning twenty years of sorrow and joy, love and hate, gain and loss, at this moment finally achieved.

The legendary life of the daughter of gambling king

The storm is dark and the rooster crows.Since see gentleman, cloud Hu does not like.

So you have to ask My sister, what is the most important lesson in this life?

That is, don’t for the past failure, and lost the love now.

Love before it is too late.

A thousand rivers and mountains are always in love

We are meant to be together

Don’t complain about god don’t complain about life

But ask to have landscape to testify altogether

When it comes to free and easy, no one is more free and easy than Zhang Aijia.

She has dedicated her life to film, from acting, directing, writing, producing…

More than 100 works, more than 50 awards and nominations, best Actress, Best Screenplay, best Director, Best Actress at the Golden Horse Awards, Berlin Golden Bear Awards nominations…

Everyone else wants to be a big brother woman, and Zhang Aijia is the goddess who makes “little brother grow up to be a big brother”.

She had two well-known relationships, one with Luo Dayou and the other with Jonathan Lee.

Luo Dayou dedicated the single childhood to her for five years.

Lee wrote her the price of Love, which was popular for decades.

Do you remember the dreams of your youth?

Like a flower that never fades,

Walk me through the rain and the wind,

See the vicissitudes of life, see the vicissitudes of life

“When I wrote this song, I cried as I wrote it, wondering why you married someone else,” Lee said.

Why is Zhang Aijia so haunting?

Because, she is a partner, more confidant.

Luo is known for masterminding a song called Tomorrow Will Be Better, which was created by 60 artists.

But few people know that it was Originally led by Zhang Aijia, because of the appreciation of Luo Dayou’s talent, asked him to compose music.

It was Zhang Aijia who discovered the little-known Lee Zongsheng at that time and recommended him vigorously. It was then that Lee zongsheng’s amazing talent first showed up.

James Wong, one of the Top four Talent artists in Hong Kong, plays Zhang “the godmother” of Taiwan.

The luo Dayou that discovers by her, Li Zongsheng, Yang Dexang, Hou Hsiao-hsien each is the “godfather” of art circle, she is the younger sister of Luo Dayou mouth, the Zhang Elder sister that is Li Zongsheng in the heart, also be the teacher of Liu Ruoying, Li Xinjie…

“This is an important woman in my life,” Lee told a 2006 concert.

That night, Zhang asked jokingly, “Did you ever love me?”

She did not wait for the answer, but in the dark night, in the cold wind, only heard the half-century-old Lee Zongsheng hoarsely throat: “Have been sad tears, have been heartbroken, this is the price of love.”

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