The legendary life of the daughter of gambling king

Some people mistook the pearl for a fish because the

But inevitably there were some people who mistook the pearl for a fish-eye.

Wang Mingquan once had a very unhappy marriage, in that feeling, sister suffered from a serious mental illness.

The legendary life of the daughter of gambling king

Once bitten, twice shy. From then on, it’s hard for A girl to fall in love with someone.

It was not until 1991 that Wang Mingquan met Luo In the Cantonese opera stage drama Mu Guiying vs. Hong Zhou.

Luo Jiaying already has an ear to goddess hear, meet now more see admire, he fell in love with elder sister deeply.

Luo Jia-ying proposed to Wang Mingquan, but a sister because he had suffered from cancer, but also lost fertility on the grounds of rejected him.

However, in the screen to overcome the difficulties of the “Tang monk” Luo Jiaying, will not be so easy to give up.

And so, for 21 years, he proposed 19 times.

During one of Wang Ming Quan’s concerts, Luo Jia-ying sobbed: “Sister, when can you promise me? We are running out of time.”

Someone asked: Ah sister so difficult to catch, why can not change a person?

Luo jiaying thought for a long time: Because I don’t know who else can fall in love with except her.

Misfortune never comes singly.

In 2004, Luo suffered from liver cancer.

wang Mingquan heard the news, cried a night, she felt that this is god’s punishment for her, to punish her wasted so good a person.

In 2009, Wang Mingquan, 62, and Luo Jiaying, 63, registered their marriage in Las Vegas.

This letter from Luo Jiaying made many people cry:

“You have half your life, And I have half my life. Together, we are a whole life.”

Spanning twenty years of sorrow and joy, love and hate, gain and loss, at this moment finally achieved.

The storm is dark and the rooster crows.Since see gentleman, cloud Hu does not like.

So you have to ask My sister, what is the most important lesson in this life?

That is, don’t for the past failure, and lost the love now.

Love before it is too late.

A thousand rivers and mountains are always in love

We are meant to be together

Don’t complain about god don’t complain about life

But ask to have landscape to testify altogether

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  1. Marriage is a great gamble. Don’t complain about God. Don’t complain about life. Be careful.Thank you for sharing this article.

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