The legendary life of the daughter of gambling king

Gambling wang’s daughter is worthy

When they presented cheung with the award, Pansy Ho, standing next to her brother, became the ultimate dream for countless teenage girls.

The legendary life of the daughter of gambling king

If the princess has one regret, I think it is that she has not rebelled against herself in love once.

At that time, she and Chen Baiqiang were praised as “golden couple” by countless people.

A zhilan Yushu elegant demeanor, a yan if the peach blossoms grace zhuoran, how to see how suitable.

But in the beauty is not inferior to the star, ability is almost perfect, the family is extremely powerful pansy Ho in front;

Even if the red to cheung guorong shoulder Chen Baiqiang also began not confident.

He remained by Pansy’s side all the time in a playful way, almost with restraint.

The most explicit confession was “I love You”, a song for Pansy Ho.

I miss you now

Miss everything yesterday

Thinking of you thinking of you

With tears in my eyes, I love you deeply

Later, This simple wish of Chen Baiqiang failed to achieve.

The gambling king ordered Pansy Ho to quit the entertainment industry and concentrate on her career.

After all, he is the heir of the gambling king. How can he marry someone in the entertainment industry?You have to have a marriage of equals to maintain a large business empire.

It’s cruel, but it’s also realistic.

Get what you want, you must lose it.

No one knows this better than Pansy Ho, who has been taught about sex since she was a child.

Later, her father arranged for Pansy to marry Xu Jin-heng, the shipping magnate’s favourite grandson.

If you remember, you must remember the wedding of the century.

In 1991, Pansy Ho married the Xu family with a $1 billion dowry.Ten li of red makeup scene in real life staged.

The marriage between the “gambling king” and the “shipping king” lasted three days and three nights.

For decades past, and for decades to come, no one has come close.

But even perfect bubbles burst at the touch.

After marriage, the character wants to be practical and willing to do he Panqiong, the difference on the rich family children xu Jinheng that everything is proficient with with eat, drink and play shows gradually.

Xu jinheng gossip also emerge in endlessly, you also know the famous “Miss Hong Kong” michelle reis.

After ten years of marriage, pansy worked hard and struggled to cope with her husband’s scandal, so her first rebellion began.

As the saying goes, “It is never too late to get married, but as soon as possible to get divorced.”

On the bright mountain snow, like clouds between the moon.Wen Jun has two meanings, so come to phase refuse.

Thus, the year 2000, a new millennium began.

Despite her family’s opposition, Pansy Ho announced her divorce from Hui Jin-heng. “Don’t tell me to delay them any more,” she told the media.

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