The legendary life of the daughter of gambling king

The legendary life of the daughter of a gambling king

That year He Chaoyi birthday, in order to bo daughter happy, gambling Wang specially cast a star, the star named watch to her.

The legendary life of the daughter of gambling king

Can be proud as josie,

At the family press conference on the day of the king’s death, one woman stood in the middle, speaking for the family and announcing the heavy news to the media.

The irreplaceable C position ACTS like a pillar of heaven that stabilizes and holds the family together.

She is Pansy Ho, Josie ho’s eldest sister.

The most valued daughter in the life of a gambler.

Unlike the youngest sister’s millions of love and shun Shun water, long sister Pansy Ho knew from childhood: want what, must go for their own.

She was born with a silver spoon, not a real princess.

Because it is the eldest daughter of two rooms, mother Lanqiongying has placed great attention and hope to Pansy Ho since childhood.

This was accompanied by an unusually strict education at the top:

“People in this life, only strong enough, ruthless will not be eliminated!

Pansy’s mother never allowed her to dawdle, get sick and pampered. She was never allowed to say negative words like “I don’t know, I can’t, I don’t like, I can’t” for as long as she could remember.

And as the eldest sister, must take good care of their own sister and brother, if their mistakes, Pansy Ho will be punished together.

So Pansy Ho knew from a young age that she was under the burden of the second house.

Her mother also gave Pansy a book with stars. If she scored a certain mark on the exam or did well, she was given a star and had to save up to 50 stars to be rewarded.

“Everything is conditional. If you want something, you must fight for it with your own hands.”

This is the second life creed engraved in Pansy’s bones by her mother.

It was also under his mother’s strict education that Wang himself was so satisfied with Pansy Ho that he even took her with him to teach her.

University, she was successfully admitted to the world’s top Vassar Liberal Arts College, always obey parents arrangement Pansy Ho wanted to rebel, to study their favorite literature and art major.

But a word of the king of gambling completely broke Pansy ho’s fantasy, but also revealed the third cruel truth: “dream? Dream what?”

“If you want to wear the crown, you must bear the weight.” This is the maxim pansy Ho learned from her childhood.

She cannot make mistakes, and is not allowed to make them.

So Pansy turned her love for business to oblivion.

Pansy Turned out to have made the right choice. She was born with an excellent eye and judgment for business.

Wang is also becoming more and more satisfied, attending important occasions will take her with him.

When they presented cheung with the award, Pansy Ho, standing next to her brother, became the ultimate dream for countless teenage girls.

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  1. If you want to wear a crown, you must bear its weight. The best learn from each other and make progress with each other.Thank you for sharing this article.

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