The legendary life of the daughter of gambling king

Hong Kong circle boss photo, Guo Jingjing accidentally edge

Zhang Ailing once wrote such a sentence, which was regarded as a maxim by countless successors.

The legendary life of the daughter of gambling king

All women, eventually have a place to rest, not others, only themselves.

Young when do not understand, now finally believe.

Two days ago, a photo of a Hong Kong tycoon went viral on the Internet.In this photo, there is a very interesting phenomenon.

Guo Jingjing fok Qigang in other occasions have occupied absolute C leading role, but in this photo is cleverly standing in the corner, willing to be a foil.

And who are the three women in position C?(in no particular order)

Gambling wang second room youngest daughter, to the wind to the wind rain rain rich flowers, Ho Chaoyi.

Horizontal aspect entertainment circle half century, TVB deserves a sister, Wang Ming Quan.

All Chinese best actress and director awards, big brothers love the woman, Zhang Aijia.

Three women, three lives.

They are both infinitely close to the ultimate fantasy of a woman and have encountered the dark side of life.

Whether you’re born with a silver spoon in your mouth, or you’ve been through a huge snowstorm.

Short of who loses who wins, but each has its own wonderful, enough to give the latter some sigh.


The death of the king of gambling overshadowed all the entertainment news some time ago.

After all, before the Breaking News of the 500 billion dollar inheritance, the entertainment industry is sprinkling small scenes.

Finally, the second bedroom Laam and their children include the vast majority.

Pansy Ho, Ms Ho’s eldest sister, took over Shun Tak Holdings, which has a market capitalisation of $150bn;

Second sister Chaofeng Ho takes over as SJM’s chairman and executive director.

These two big trump CARDS, but also in the gambling king’s commercial territory in the weight of the two biggest assets, all belong to fannie And Freddie.

Someone said: “He Chaoyi is really a world of wealth, the first half of life has unlimited love gambling king, the second half of life with sister escort.”

Indeed, as the gambling king’s favorite daughter, Ho Chaoyi can be said to be rebellious and love freedom, not only let the gambling king willing to go to the award ceremony for her platform, and the whole family dare to talk to the gambling king no small no big in addition to her no second.

That year He Chaoyi birthday, in order to bo daughter happy, gambling Wang specially cast a star, the star named watch to her.

Can be proud as josie,

At the family press conference on the day of the king’s death, one woman stood in the middle, speaking for the family and announcing the heavy news to the media.

The irreplaceable C position ACTS like a pillar of heaven that stabilizes and holds the family together.

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  1. The girl wants to be rich to raise, so material aspect won’t have too big difference feeling, won’t be deceived easily by them.Thank you for sharing this article.

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