Appearance level, talent, personality

Appreciation of a person starts from the level of appearance

Someone said, “There are five levels of a person, from the outside to the inside: appearance, ability, temper, character and character.

Appearance level, talent, personality

The five levels, if measured by quality, are: appearance, talent, character, kindness, and character.

These five levels and five qualities are not only the best benchmark to judge a person, but also the direction of his cultivation and development.

Appreciation of a person, from the appearance of the level, respect for talent, character, for a long time than good, finally character.

It starts at the level of appearance

The love of beauty is universal.

A person is well-groomed and feels like a spring breeze;When dealing with people who are messy and unkempt, keep your eyes and nose and heart to yourself and avoid them.

Appearance is the most intuitive business card.

It’s clean, it’s respectful;A wide heart loves to laugh, must be a person who loves life;Elegance of speech reflects insight and upbringing.

Buddha said: Appearance is born from the heart.

The so-called appearance, in fact, is three points of skin, seven points of state of mind.The image of a person, is often the external expression of the heart.

A bad heart is ugly; a good heart is beautiful.

The image of a man hides his character.

Suitable for the character

One of the most comfortable things about interacting with people is that you don’t have to pretend to be what they like. You just have to be yourself.

As gu Cheng’s poem describes it:

“The grass is bearing its seeds, the wind is shaking its leaves, we stand and do not speak, it is very beautiful.”

Personality conflict, a little conflict can also explode, lack of common ground and lubricant, gradually feel suffocated and tired.

A person with the right personality is free and easy to get along with, without too much scruples and without too many rules.

Life is really hard, and to fit the personality, get along with comfortable people together.

Get along well, can please into life, become our good partner in work, life confidant, partner in love;The character of the people, as soon as possible forget in the river’s lake is the best result.

Life is long, we need to find a person, with your temperament, personality complement each other, together to play the script of life.

Respect to talent

Lao Tzu said, “The way of heaven is more than enough to make up for it.”

In the company of three one can always find a teacher.Connect with people, discover their strengths, learn from them, and help yourself get better little by little.

Chen Daoming is patted “fortress Besieged” when, have a predestined relationship with qian Zhongshu acquaintance.

Chen Daoming to visit qian Zhongshu, qian Zhongshu’s life shocked him.

When he entered the room, all he saw were piles of books, no TV or radio, and the only sound he could make was a frying pan.

He communicated with Qian Zhongshu for two hours, and Chen Daoming really appreciated the meaning of “having poetry and books in the belly.”

Then, when Chen Daoming is flourishing in the career, also chose to put a lot of time in the life to read a book, edify sentiment go up.

Chen Later recalled the visit and said, “In front of intellectuals and intellectuals, I felt like a complete piece of shit.”

True talent and wisdom, is a kind of insight.

Get along with them, invisible in can feel their charm and temperament, and sincerely admire their talent, modest to learn from it.

Such people are respectable and worthy of respect.

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  1. The most comfortable relationships with people are those in which you don’t have to pretend to like someone, you just have to be yourself.Thank you for sharing this article.

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