Cooperation work more wisdom, people add wood fire high

Cooperation work more wisdom, people add wood

In Go Lala Go!, the heroine du Lala is ostracized by her colleagues when she first enters the company.

The company needed to be renovated, and the leader arranged Du Lala to coordinate the department.

Cooperation work more wisdom, people add wood fire high

However, the sales department colleagues look down on the new rookie, deliberately difficult everywhere, materials need to pack away, they deliberately delay the progress, resulting in the whole project seriously behind.

Du lala was criticized by her superiors, while her colleagues laughed behind her back for amusement.

Maybe all around you, or even you, are experiencing du Lala go!

But there is a good saying: people, never entangled in bad things.

Life is hard to avoid bad people, encounter bad things, they are like a poult, the more serious you are, the more tightly they intertwine.

Don’t try to save or change anyone.

We can only save ourselves, we can only change themselves.

When meeting bad people, stay away from them. Don’t try to raise a tree with them.

Don’t sit by yourself

The last rule our ancestors taught us was to sit alone.

In life, the unfortunate things, is always a small probability of events.

But when it does, it can be fatal.

If you ignore it every time, it’s like a potted flower that should be on the floor, but you put it on the railing.

At ordinary times the weather is fine, once blew a little wind, the pot fell down, and finally injured or their own.

Therefore, the more careful and cautious, less lucky and conceited, this is responsible for their own, but also responsible for others.

The writer Ge Zong Shared a story:

One of my friends in Beijing told me that when she was very young, her father had told her that she had to stand against the wall when she was waiting for the subway.

The Beijing subway was built very early, and in those days, there were no barriers, so almost every year, there were accidents where people fell from the platform into the subway.

Some commit suicide, some are pushed by others.

Dad said:

‘You don’t know who’s there, by the station!

There are neuroses, there is drink too much, there is deliberately to add to the social chaos it!

You don’t know!Don’t know you have to make way, don’t give people a chance, stand against the wall is the safest!”

His father’s advice, though harsh, was full of wisdom. Just as the ancients said, a gentleman does not stand under a wall of danger.

After all, don’t take any chances with people or things.

You can’t change the outcome of bad things, and you can’t change the character of bad people, so keep yourself at a safe distance.

Remember, things are unpredictable, people are unpredictable, so be sure to look out, always care.

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