Do not lean on the fence, believe in the strength of your partner

Do not lean on the fence, believe in the strength

Knowing the motive of Zhou Kaixuan’s murder, I shuddered even more.

The original zhou Kaixuan homework is very good, think is tsinghua and Peking University’s material.

Do not lean on the fence, believe in the strength of your partner

But he failed in the college entrance examination and was admitted to Xi ‘an Jiaotong University. So he began to indulge in online games and give up on himself.

Xie Diao sees good friend so, cannot help but good words exhort.

Unexpectedly, Zhou Kaixuan thinks xie Diao is not a counsel, but look down on him, on the spot and Xie Diao quarrel, almost start.

Over the past two years, Zhou Kaixuan grudge, often think of Xie Diao’s words, “feel very uncomfortable.”

Thus, there is the beginning, old friends to meet a long distance but end with the murder of the tragedy.

There was a poignant comment on the Internet:

“I have earnestly advised you to go right;You bite the hand that feeds you and turn in my grave.

I pour out my heart to treat you like a brother;You wield the knife huo Huo, kills me like treats the enemy.”

Too often, being kind does not reward us warmly, but removes our guard from the evil.

To live in the world, we must have the heart of a bodhisattva and the means of thunder. We must learn to be kind and preserve our edge.

Heart is separated from belly, again intimate relationship, also may evolve into a fight.

Be careful not to harm others, but be careful not to harm others.

Three men do not lift a tree

If three men do not lift a tree, they are also an admonishment from their ancestors.

In ancient times, there were three people carrying the tree together, one in the middle, one in the front and one in the back.

The amount of stress the person before and after suffers often depends on the person in the middle.

If the person in the middle is biased, whichever side he is close to, the other is bound to suffer.

To put it bluntly, it is two people’s partnership pit one.

Our ancestors warned us that when three people work together, we must analyze the situation of interests, if the relationship between the other two people is not common, we should be careful, otherwise it will always be our own bad luck.

In Go Lala Go!, the heroine du Lala is ostracized by her colleagues when she first enters the company.

The company needed to be renovated, and the leader arranged Du Lala to coordinate the department.

However, the sales department colleagues look down on the new rookie, deliberately difficult everywhere, materials need to pack away, they deliberately delay the progress, resulting in the whole project seriously behind.

Du lala was criticized by her superiors, while her colleagues laughed behind her back for amusement.

Maybe all around you, or even you, are experiencing du Lala go!

But there is a good saying: people, never entangled in bad things.

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  1. No matter how close the relationship is, it is possible to be betrayed. Therefore, we should abide by the bottom line of morality.Thank you for sharing this article.

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