Always be grateful, but beware of petty people

Always be grateful, but beware of petty

During the ordeal, the woman was punched 19 times and kicked 10 times, with 26 times hitting her head and six kicks after she fainted.

What is the reason for the man’s violent attack?

Always be grateful, but beware of petty people

Later, the man confessed:

Just because I broke up with my girlfriend that day and had a drink, I felt that women in the world are not good things.

Just met a girl on the side of the road, so began to vent anger.

Last year, jiang Li, a girl from Changsha, was nearly killed when a stranger stabbed her in the hip on her way home late at night.

The reasons for the killings are the same:

The reason why the murderer kills people is just because the life is not good. After drinking alcohol, he has the idea of revenge on the society.

Newton once said:

“I can calculate the orbits of celestial bodies, but not the madness of human nature.”

In this world, there are really a lot of rubbish people, they do not have the bottom line, no sense of shame, can not use common sense to figure it out.

So, in our life, we should always pay attention and never put ourselves in danger.

Try not to walk the night road alone in the evening, do not go to a lonely corner when playing, meet strangers chat up do not easily hooked.

These seemingly simple things may actually save your life in the Nick of time.

Two men look not at the well

The so-called “two people do not see the well”, that is to be careful, do not give others the opportunity to kill their own.

There are two things in this world that can’t be looked at directly. One is the sun, and the other is the heart.

The University of Science and Technology of China graduate student murder case the year before last shook the whole network.

Xie Diao of graduate student of Chinese Academy of Sciences, warmly greet the zhou Kaixuan of high school old friend that comes from afar, however how also did not think of, what wait for him is the butcher knife of old friend however.

at the table, Xie Diao bowed his head to order, Zhou Kaixuan took out the ready fruit knife, suddenly to xie Diao stabbed.

Xie Diao stare big eyes, can’t believe the scene at the moment.

Knowing the motive of Zhou Kaixuan’s murder, I shuddered even more.

The original zhou Kaixuan homework is very good, think is tsinghua and Peking University’s material.

But he failed in the college entrance examination and was admitted to Xi ‘an Jiaotong University. So he began to indulge in online games and give up on himself.

Xie Diao sees good friend so, cannot help but good words exhort.

Unexpectedly, Zhou Kaixuan thinks xie Diao is not a counsel, but look down on him, on the spot and Xie Diao quarrel, almost start.

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  1. Be kind all the time, but don’t forget to watch out for the little people around you, life still needs a lot of caution.Thank you for sharing this article.

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