You must know these four words of my forefathers

You must know these four words


Over the past two days, a video has captured the nation’s attention.

Two women of similar age are talking on the bank of a reservoir in Nanjing.

Suddenly, something unexpected happened.

You must know these four words of my forefathers

When the yellow dress woman bent down to tie the shoelace of the moment, beside the black woman like crazy rushed forward to push the yellow dress woman into the water.

Unguarded yellow dress woman this just reaction come over, dead dead grasp the dress horn of black dress woman.

They both drowned after struggling in the water.

According to a preliminary police investigation, the victim, Shi X, 43, had been suffering from depression and had been a colleague of the victim liu X.

The victim’s daughter said Shi and her mother had been colleagues for decades and had only just met before the incident.

On the day of the accident, Shi had invited her mother to climb the mountain. However, her mother refused, but she still agreed to keep the invitation.

After watching this video, I was frightened into a cold sweat and thought of an old saying from my ancestors:

“One does not enter a temple, two do not look at the well, and three do not lift a tree.

Think about it. It’s a good quote.

No one entered the temple

Have you ever noticed that every time you watch a costume drama, once the main character enters a dilapidated temple, he is likely to encounter gangsters and bandits?

A little history later revealed why.

In ancient times, public security conditions were very poor, leading to bandits.

The more powerful bandits dominated the mountains, while the smaller ones chose to live in the ruined temples.

The ancients cloud, a person does not enter a temple.

Be careful when you are alone. Don’t put yourself in danger.

Don’t think you can be safe just because you haven’t had a grudge in the past or a grudge in the recent past, because you never know when danger will come.

Last year, a late-night attack on a girl in Dalian shocked the country.

On an ordinary night, a lone girl and a lone man pass by.

The man suddenly laid heavy hands on the girl and beat her violently for a minute.

In the video, the man repeatedly kicks the girl’s head and abdomen after she falls to the ground.

The method is so fierce that it makes people shudder.

During the ordeal, the woman was punched 19 times and kicked 10 times, with 26 times hitting her head and six kicks after she fainted.

What is the reason for the man’s violent attack?

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  1. Be careful in your life. Don’t forget to be kind, but don’t forget to watch out for villains, either.Thank you for sharing this article.

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