Those who live their lives do so in silence

Some people say: Life is like a building.Will wind, load, shake…When all the external forces are calculated and the internal forces are designed to be stronger than it, the building will stand.Life is the same, no matter what happens, as long as the inner energy is strong enough, we can stick to it.

In 2020, this truth is well explained.Many people are confused by the sudden changes and even go into counseling rooms.People with strong egos adjust quickly at all stages and remain self-functioning all the time.People with weak egos adjust more slowly, tend to use some serious defense mechanisms, and even lose their ability to regulate themselves.A great way to become a mentally strong person is to study psychology, especially “people who live their lives to a certain extent.”Their experiences and words will serve as a beacon to guide you through your lost life and find the seeds of inner strength.

There is a saying that there is no absolute justice in life, but there is relative justice.The more you get, the more you suffer.Pain and pleasure do not lie in the presence of external material, but in their own inner cultivation.Money and power are kind of external things. When you have enough money and power, it may mean that you are under more pressure.Appearance, can be said to be born, but also external, but the support of appearance is only a piece of skin.So power, money, appearance are not the cause of a strong heart, harmonious heart is the root of a strong heart.

When one has reached a state of inner harmony, one’s life will no longer wait anxiously, but act firmly.He will have the courage to pursue happiness, but he knows more about respecting the happiness of others. He will make choices, but he knows more about respecting the choices of others.When a person is strong inside, he does not care about the secular prejudice, even if many people misunderstand him and isolate him.Not pleased by external gains, not saddened by personal losses, being undisturbed and undisturbed, that can be a state of inner harmony.

What is a mentally strong person?In psychology, refers to the psychological quality of high people.Mentally strong people have several characteristics:

1. Have their own ideals: They have their own ideals, which have never been destroyed, no matter what kind of setbacks and difficulties, their ideals have always existed.

2. Have a Clear purpose in Life: Their purpose in life is very clear, they work hard towards their purpose in life with determination, so they never get lost, they always know what they are doing and where they are.

3. Be hopeful about the future: They are hopeful about their future. No matter how rough the road is or how difficult the life is, they are always hopeful about the future and do not want to give up.

4. Spiritual world is full: Their spiritual world is very full, their heart will not be empty and empty, it is possible that their life is full of mediocrity, but their spiritual world, but full of passion and energy.

From the above features, we can see that those who are mentally strong are really strong. They may not be tall, rich, handsome or elite in a certain field.They may be just like us, just an ordinary person, in ordinary times, they have their own emotions just like us.But they were never knocked down.Such a person is a truly mentally strong person.So how do we make ourselves strong on the inside?

First, work hard for yourself and don’t live in the eyes of others.I have clear goals and hope for the future.Don’t care what other people think, try to live your life and be your best self.Whatever you do, remember to do it for yourself, then you will never complain.

Secondly, the heart is strong, know how to comfort themselves.Don’t worry, don’t panic, don’t complain about life, don’t complain about others, and don’t measure yourself by worldly standards.Hard work, hard life, not be swayed by considerations of gain and loss, oneself often introspective, often to their own heart

Love put a holiday, happy every day.Let yourself a little more peace, a little more open, for the mistakes around, let yourself more tolerance.Every man has his difficulties. Why impose them on others?

Third, the joy of life is to be found, no one is obligated to do anything for you, to please you.Respect others’ ideas, don’t show off your superiority, don’t disturb others’ little happiness.

Fourth, try to change your fate by yourself, and don’t rely on anyone to give you happiness.Believe that you are the king, no one will always be there for you to rely on, to rely on their own to achieve the life they want.At any time in life are not afraid to start again, every seemingly low starting point, is the only way to a higher peak.

Fifth, bad things happen all the time, but there are still many ways to solve it.Never forget to renew your knowledge and broaden your mind.All the troubles of life will be followed forever, but knowledge can make a person more rational and calm to analyze and deal with these problems.Firm action, firm their pursuit of the direction, with action to get close to the goal, in the efforts to experience their own constantly strong, so that they become better.

Work hard for your dream, look back, you will find that the suffering, and later become your life wealth.Gain and lose is life.How many times in your life will you be questioned by the outside world, and how many times will you not be moved by it?If a person has to prove himself by the external evaluation, it only shows that the inner strength is not strong enough.The only time you can prove yourself is when you no longer have to rely on external judgments.

Life is hard to avoid setbacks, the road to success is never smooth road.Fear, pessimism, complaints, excuses, procrastination…All of these are holding us back, trying to make us lose confidence, stop and give up pursuing our dreams.Even, some of the experience of failure, will let people fall into the shadow of the past, completely give up their dreams.The flowers in the greenhouse are bright, but can not withstand the wind and rain;The vast desert in the short bushes, although humble, but can withstand the harsh natural environment.Adversity is not terrible, adversity can make life more tenacious.

Most of the time, it is not our external environment that limits us, but our inner world.Can you stand tall in a difficult situation and not shrink back?Can you fight and face it?Do you have the courage to challenge yourself and challenge yourself in a positive way?

From now on, strengthen your inner world, be a mentally strong yourself, and deal with the future life path with a positive attitude

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