Don't make unnecessary arguments and comparisons

Don’t get into unnecessary arguments

The world is full of bother, dispute to dispute or empty.

If you win the argument with the people around you, you will also lose the situation.

Don't make unnecessary arguments and comparisons

Such a cost, in fact, than those right and wrong to bring greater losses.

Less conflict, more tolerance, will make each other’s feelings more lasting.

Do not fight, is the highest state of life

No dispute, not cowardice, not compromise, but a kind of wisdom.

When things go wrong, more can do their own;If you meet no one, you’ll get along better.

In fact, people live a life, there is not so much winning or losing right and wrong, some just temporarily can not put down and upset.

You let go of that person, you look at that thing, and you realize that it doesn’t matter.

When Zeng Guofan was studying, he came across a very annoying classmate.

But when Zeng Guofan was reading in front of the window, the classmate said:

“You’re blocking my light. Go away.”

Zeng Guofan did not argue with him, so he carried the book to bed.

At night, the student said again:

“Your late-night reading is affecting me.”

Zeng Guofan put down his book without a word and went out early the next morning to read.

Once, their teacher wanted Zeng to invite an official.

In order to show off, the classmate volunteered.

But the teacher meant zeng Guofan to get to know the official.

In the teacher’s dilemma, Zeng Guofan said to let that classmate go, and he quietly read.

Later zeng Guofan became a juren, and the classmate said that Zeng Guofan had taken away his feng shui luck.

From beginning to end, Zeng Guofan did not compete with that classmate.

But now Zeng Guofan left his name in history, and that classmate has long been forgotten.

Lin said:

“No dispute, great dispute.If you don’t fight, the world won’t fight.”

Zeng Guofan this is the great struggle.

In fact, think also, life just a few decades, to contend for, why?

It doesn’t matter if you win or lose.

A little strife, no good deed long.

Without contention, you will make yourself live more freely.

Therefore, not to fight, is the highest state of life.


Bai Luomei said:

“Life is a game of chess. There is nothing we can do to win or lose.

When lost, mostly in the bureau;When you realize, you are already on the outside.”

We win a moment, but lose the whole.

In life, the high and low, lose is oneself;In the feelings, win or lose, hurt yourself.

No matter what you fight for, you lose in the end.

Without a fight, it is a strategy to hide brightness and bide one’s time, is the wisdom of concessions.

People in this life, only without contention, to live a good life.

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