Live your own life without comparing yourself

In a relationship, if both parties try to argue right or wrong, the relationship will only end up broken.

Fight with the family, fight to win, affection no longer;

When you fight with your lover, you win, and your feelings fade.

When you fight with a friend, you win, and the friendship is gone.

Without conflict, the relationship will be more harmonious.

In the book “Pingru Meitang”, the author Rao Pingru and his wife Meitang are recorded in their sixty years of marriage.

In the book, there is the sweetness of their feelings, but also the triviality of their lives.

Their love story has become a role model for modern couples, praised and learned by thousands of people.

Rao Pingru likes reading very much, so his wife has to take care of a lot of things in the family.

Although he takes good care of his wife when she is ill.

But his wife was always teasing him about it, and he never minded, and he was happy.

Rao Ping such as know that his wife is a knife mouth bean curd heart, usually the mouth is not rao, but the heart is very soft.

They had a disagreement over a small matter.

Rao Ping such as mood at that time, put a hot kettle on the ground, his wife was scared to cry.

At this time, Rao Ping such as know to quarrel again, will hurt each other.

He immediately went to his wife, took her hand and apologized, saying he shouldn’t have been so excited.

Wife looked at the flat such as already low head, no longer dispute, two people are reconciled as before.

Their marriage had all sorts of ups and downs.

But every time there is a conflict, they don’t fight red in the face.

This is the indisputable, let them go hand in hand for 60 years.

In fact, this kind of tolerance is the most important lubricant in a relationship.

Quarreling will not solve any problems and will create estrangement between each other.

In getting along with others, everyone has different ideas and viewpoints.

If everything is haggling over who is right and who is wrong, it will put the relationship at risk.

The world is full of bother, dispute to dispute or empty.

If you win the argument with the people around you, you will also lose the situation.

Such a cost, in fact, than those right and wrong to bring greater losses.

Less conflict, more tolerance, will make each other’s feelings more lasting.

Do not fight, is the highest state of life

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