As the old saying goes, “If water is perfect, there will be no fish

As the old saying goes, “If water is perfect, there will be no fish; if people are perfect, there will be no friends.”


People live, if everything to fight, fight to the last, but nothing.

Arguing is reason, losing is love, hurt is people.

Man and nature contend, overreach;A man struggles with heavy burdens.

Therefore, without dispute, is the greatest wisdom in life.

In life, if you win, you lose

As the saying goes: “people than people, die of anger.”

In life, winning or losing only annoys you.

More than money, money more money less what;Taller, slimmer and older than his appearance.

In the end it was all in vain.

I have heard this story:

In one street, there are two supermarkets, the usual passenger flow is similar.

For years, the two supermarkets have lived peacefully together, but this year foot traffic has fallen off a lot.

The two supermarkets began to compete in secret.

You’re 50% off today and I’m 40% off tomorrow.

The two supermarkets enjoyed each other’s rivalry, during which time both suffered heavy losses.

After a while, a supermarket couldn’t support itself and went out of business.

Another supermarket thinks it has won, and a new one opens up the street.

In the end, the supermarket did not last long before it went bankrupt, leaving only the newly opened supermarket on the street.

We have all heard a story by which a bone fights and a bone loses.

In fact, there are many such struggles in life.

In such a struggle, no one is the absolute winner, both sides will consume themselves to varying degrees.

There is a saying: “For the tree, not with the grass.”

He who contends with others consumes himself;He who does not contend with others can be himself.

It’s better to be yourself than to spend all your energy fighting for it.

In any fight, no one can avoid losing; it’s just who loses less.

So, some win and some lose.


In love, right and wrong, wrong

The French philosopher La Rochefoucauld once said:

“If you want to make enemies, you are better than your friends;If you would have friends, let them be better than you.”

I think so.

In a relationship, if both parties try to argue right or wrong, the relationship will only end up broken.

Fight with the family, fight to win, affection no longer;

When you fight with your lover, you win, and your feelings fade.

When you fight with a friend, you win, and the friendship is gone.

Without conflict, the relationship will be more harmonious.

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