Relationships, marriages, breakups, affairs

Her head is a picture of her hands crossed.

I shivered into the little three’s circle of friends.

Relationships, marriages, breakups, affairs

Her head is a picture of her hands crossed.And one of those hands I know very well.That’s Cheng Song’s hand.

I slowly looked through her circle of friends, there are a lot of love show photos.

One is the night I found evidence of Cheng Song’s infidelity. Cheng Song said he was going to explain the situation to his mistress, so I let him out of the house.

In fact, my dear husband didn’t say goodbye at all and went on a sweet date.

I logged into the China Mobile business hall again, and Cheng Song’s call records were all the same number.

Everything is a lie.

My heart is bleeding, I can’t watch it anymore…All the sadness turned to hate.

I hate why they hurt me again and again, I have been merciful enough, and why this is still the result.

I want to cry, but not a tear.True sorrow is silent.No sorrow is so great as a dead heart.

The cheng Song on the bed, still be that handsome face, I am left only however loathe.

I want revenge. I want it all out in the open.Since he is heartless, don’t blame me for my unrighteousness.

I picked up Cheng Song’s phone and sent a message in his voice:

Dear Wang Ling, I really love you, please give me some time, I will get a divorce and marry you as soon as possible, be sure to wait for me…

It’s visible to everyone.

When I finished, I put the phone back in place and went to lie down in another bed.

I waited for daylight with my eyes open.

At six o ‘clock in the morning, My cell phone and Cheng Song’s began to ring nonstop.

Many of my friends called me, comforted me, accused Cheng Song, and offered to help me go to the third man with righteous indignation.

Cheng Song woke up, half a day to react, immediately deleted the status of the circle of friends.

He kept apologizing to me, saying he’d had too much to drink and he was full of bunk.

I just looked at him coldly and didn’t believe anything.

I said, divorce, I gave you a chance, is you did not cherish, everything should be over.

The adult world, can make mistakes, but must have the ability to face the consequences.

On October 16, Cheng Song and I went through the divorce formalities.

He is still trying to retain, said to give the child a complete home.

But to me, it’s better to be broken than to be broken.

Cheng Song said that he was just confused. During that period of time, the contradiction between her mother and Me made him suffocate. In addition, the woman gave him a harbor.

So he went the wrong way.

He wanted to turn back.

Cheating is the worst way to solve your marriage problems, isn’t it?What’s more, when I give the process a chance, he doesn’t cherish it.

To err is not terrible, to cling to it is terrible.

Cheng Song and I have loved each other passionately. I still have him in my heart, but only so far.

The night I decided to post on that circle of friends announced the end of my story with him.

Since then xiao Lang is a passer-by, even if meet should not know.

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