Feelings can't be a little forced

Feelings can’t be a little forced

I said, I and the child wait for you.

Yes, At that time, I did not want to let the family so scattered.

Feelings can't be a little forced

I had a rough few days.

Once the mirror of trust is broken, it is difficult to restore it.

When Cheng Song came back a little late, I had butterflies in my stomach.I held the baby and waited restlessly for him to leave work.

Because of his absence of mind, he burned his hand while cooking.

As soon as Cheng Song’s cell phone rang, I was on edge.

At night, I can’t sleep at all. My mind is filled with the details of our past.

The memory is more beautiful, the wound is more deep.It was dark and bright, and the pillow was dry and wet.

I feel like I’m on edge.

Cheng Song is also very depressed, he said, take advantage of the National Day holiday, let’s go out to travel, relax.

I agreed.

I am looking forward to this trip as a turning point, which can really let me down.

On October 5th, Cheng Song took my daughter and me to Nanning.

There is a lot of traffic on the roads and the motorway service area is full of people.Everyone was in high spirits and the atmosphere of the festival was strong and vivid.

We look back and try to cover up the damage.

Near the destination, Cheng song’s mobile phone rang.He looked at the number, looked flustered, and hung up.

I know. It was the woman.My heart quivered again with difficulty.

Outside the window, the horizon is green.The sun falls into the car, half bright, half fruity.

My heart is at the bottom again.

I don’t know why they’re still here after more than a month.

The temperature in the car dropped to freezing point, and no one spoke.

After arriving at the hotel, Cheng Song’s friend came to pick us up.

I dried my tears and forced a smile to greet everyone.

Cheng Song is very affectionate in front of his friends. He is his wife.

Cheng Song’s friends tease us that after being married for so long, they still love each other as if they were newlyweds.

I feel extremely irony, love has already fallen off the cliff.

After dinner in the evening, Cheng Song sent us back and said we would have more beer with our friends.

‘You go,’ I said magnanimously.Drink less and take care of your health.

After four o ‘clock in the morning, Cheng Song was sent back drunk by his friend.

My friend and I helped him to bed, took off his shoes, and covered him with the quilt.

I looked at the drunk Cheng Song, finally or couldn’t help but look at his mobile phone.

The password has changed, I took Cheng Song’s hand to unlock the lock.

WeChat chat is nothing, all the records are wiped clean.

I got into his circle of friends.There is a state inside, visible only to the third person.

It read: I’m not here for a vacation. I’m here for a showdown.

I almost fainted when I saw the darkness.

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